you said you'd come back poem

You said you’d come back
and told me not to worry
You asked for time and space
for yourself

So, I started waiting for you
I stood by the door
looking for a sign of you
and knock on my door

Hours passed,
Days passed,
even weeks passed away
But you didn’t pass by my door

My legs became too sore
to stand anymore in your wait
So I decided to sit down on Sofa
near the window so I can peek outside

I glanced at everyone outside window
Some looked like you,
some sounded like you
but No one was you

I spent months, later years
waiting for a tiniest sign of you
I was acting crazy whole time
but I trusted your words

Finally, I sensed someone coming closer
All my exhausted eyes could see was
blurry face and a hand calling for mine
I reach for it hold it tight & fall on the floor

Reality hits harder than cement floor
and the blood looks darker than our story
I barely try to stand again to realise
it was just a dream

I closed all doors and windows
shut down every curtain
locked myself and everything
which will let your sign enter inside

You said you’d come back
but you lied to me
My eyes filled with tears & hope
couldn’t see you going far away
to ever come back again.

Poem Description

Hello Everyone ! You said You’d Come Back is a poem about waiting for someone who promised to come back. So, here a person is waiting for that someone to keep the promise & come back.

This poem is all about feelings of being left alone, waiting and pain of accepting the heartbreak.

Do let me know your thoughts on this poem in the comments section below.

Thank You For Reading !

[ Reposted on 10th November 2020, Originally posted 2nd September 2019]

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