You know
when I write ‘you’ in my poems
it always means ‘you’

I lie and call it fiction
twist my words
coat them with metaphors
so you wont know
that I haven’t stopped writing about you

when I write about you
I write it effortlessly (like you),
without drying the ink of pen
that I failed to refill

My words always finds you
even in the shortest references I make in verses
no matter how far we’ve drawn
the distance between us

My poems starts & ends with You
and you live endlessly in my poetry
until the universe blows up in some apocalypse
destroying the last word/thought I wrote/thought

Poem Description

A new poem. I was getting worried thinking of how long it’s been that I wrote poem. Sometimes I feel there will be a time when I won’t be able to write anymore (Especially poems).

But then I wrote this.

Still not sure if I can write more as I’m struggling manage time. 24 hours don’t feel enough for anything, can we have few more??

Also, this poem literally starts and ends with “You”. How cool!

Thanks for reading!!!

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