You can’t love someone everyday

You can't love someone everyday

There will be days when you want to be left alone in silence. You won’t even need their support to make you feel any different. It is impossible.

There are days when you don’t agree with your best friend, no matter how strong your bond is. You just can’t.

But that doesn’t mean your friendship is over. Or it will never get to back it. Next day you wake up & still search for same friend when you go out in world.

Because you know, no matter how darker the night gets you’ll have a company to light a candle.

So is Love.

These days people leave relationships when there’s no spark left. When the feelings which reminded of scenes from favorite movie no longer seems relatable.

They never love the person, they love the feelings. The feelings just as described in a romantic novel or lyrics from a love song. It’s the feeling they long for, not the actual person.

And this will never make one satisfied. That’s why people jump from one person to another crushing previous ones. Because there’s no spark /excitement/thrill left.

As they’re obsessed with those 2hour romantic movie which is never the whole picture. It can never be real, no matter how inspired it is from true events.

The modern generation lacks patience. Why? Because they have a gadget inside their pocket which gives them infinite options of anything they want.

A meme isn’t funny enough? A video isn’t entertaining enough? A Quote isn’t relatable enough? A person isn’t fun to be with anymore?

Forget being patient. You have tons of options available on your fingertips.

Well, You’ll never love someone everyday. You must go through those days when you hate that one & also when you can’t breathe without same person.

That’s called life, don’t try to turn it into a movie.

Thank you for reading!

Hey Everyone!

Not sure if this short article or random rant makes much sense or not.

I wrote this few weeks back when I was struggling to start writing after a long break.

So, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

[ Reposted on 2nd November 2020, Originally posted 17th February 2020]

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