Because you’ll be proven wrong most of the times.

No matter how smart you are, you can never understand a person based on first impression or first few conversations with them.

Think of yourself, do you reveal your whole personality, life stories, failures, success stories to someone you just met? (If yes, then God bless you)

Anyway, most of the times no one shows their true selves to other people in initial days. People get to know you more as you spend some time together, have long conversations and share experiences together, etc.

This is usually same every person.

Now think of the time when you got disappointed with someone’s behaviour/actions because they did something you never expected.

Well, it’s not their fault. It was you who had judged the person way too quickly & expected them to behave just in ways which you had created in your mind

This doesn’t always happen has disappointments though. Sometimes you judge a person negatively, like you think of them as uninteresting or dumb.

But then the same person turns out to be exact opposite of what you had judged them to be. And you wonder how?

How? Well, you just judge people way too quickly & get proved wrong all the time.

But it hurts the most when you meet someone new, have few conversations and start liking them already. And in some time , this same person disappoints you.

They do something you never imagined from them. And because of that it hurts you more than it should.

So, whenever you come across someone new, wait a little. Do not put them in a box, create a image of that person in your mind before you truly know them.

Be prepared to be surprised by people. Do not make judgements way too early. Whether it is a positive judgement or negative one.

Be patient.

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