Do you have any insecurities ?

Do your insecurities affects your performance ?

Do you find it hard to let go of those insecurities ?

If Yes , then this one is for you.

Hello Everyone!

So, Insecurities. Well, we all humans have insecurities about lot of things. There are variety of insecurities people have. It can be Looks, Weight, Grades, Social Media Following, Money, Acceptance, Social skills, etc.

First let’s see what is meaning of insecurity.

What Is Insecurity?

In short, Insecurity is lack of confidence. The things which makes one feel lack of confidence, fear & anxious are known as Insecurities.

For example: Let’s say if someone is insecure about his/her looks then he/she will feel afraid to go out & meet new people. Because he/she has already assumed that they won’t be accepted by people.

Another example : Money. Someone who always compares self with others on the basis of money will mostly feel sad & worried about money he/she own.

But from where do these insecurities arise?

What Causes Insecurities?

There are number of insecurities right now people have. Due to which they are not able to do well in their lives & living in constant fear & sadness.

What made them feel insecure?

  1. Television : Yes , televisions. Televisions have a strong impact on humans. From kids to grandparents , everyone gets influenced by what they see on Televisions. In Movies/Ads/Shows everything is shown perfect. Actor/Actress are shown with perfect looks, perfect physique, lots of money, happiness, love, respect,etc. All of these are used as attractions so that more audience will be created for that particular Movie/Ad/Show. And yes, we get attracted to it. In result we develop insecurities. We stupidly assume that having that life shown in Television is the life which can make us happy. That’s why we end up feeling insecure about our current life by comparing it with what is shown on television.
  2. Social Media : Social media has became a competition for oxygen. I know it is a bad joke, seriously it has became a really important part of our life. How does social media makes you feel insecure? By showing you perfection. Everyone on social media is trying to show others, how perfect their life is. How often you see some celebrity on Instagram/facebook & feel insecure that you don’t have the lifestyle they have or you don’t have appearance like them or perfect relationships like they have. I am sure it happens to a lot of people (Including me).
  3. Society : Society has set certain conditions for an ideal life which is blindly followed just to fit in. For example: In India, A perfect life is Scoring 90+ in Boards➡️ Get a degree by 21 & A Job ➡️ Get Married before 25➡️ Have Kids➡️ Get Old➡️Die. This is followed by many people blindly because they’ve fear of not getting accepted by society. Most famous line used here is “Log Kya Kahenge” (What will people say?). So, for someone who doesn’t fit in this crieteria set by society, it is obvious to develop insecurities.

These are the reasons for developing insecurities.

Now, let’s look how to overcome these insecurities.

How To Overcome Insecurities?

  1. Accpet The Reality : Accept yourself. Accept your Insecurities because everybody has it. No one is born perfect. Do not look at insecurities as a negative trait of yours. Instead use your insecurities to grow yourself. So, Identifying & Accepting is the first step to overcome insecurities.
  2. Stop Comparision : Stop comparing yourself with others. This happens in case of social media, the insecurities people develope from social media because of comparison. People believe that the lifestyle/Body/Relationships shown on social media is the perfect & that’s what they’re lacking. This thinking developes insecurities & Self doubt. But the truth is Nobody is showing their real life on social media. No one posts the problems & struggles in social media. All of them just want to show how happier their life is. In reality , it is a lie. So stop thinking that your life sucks & everyone else is enjoying theirs.
  3. Work On Yourself : Till now you might have thought about “Insecurities” as a bad thing. Actually, it’s the opposite. Why? The things at which you feel insecure doing are the things which will help you grow. Yes, imagine you have a insecurity about public speaking and someday you give a brilliant speech in front of 1000+ people, even though you were scared. What will be result of it? You’ll be proud of yourself. It will be the best feeling for you to overcoming your insecurity & doing your best. So, I want all of us(Including me) to take insecurities as challenges & opportunities to become better version of what we are.

Final Thoughts

Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead start comparing to yourself. Try to fight back your insecurities & fear & keep growing each and everyday.

Insecurities are not bad unless you allow them to make your progress stagnant.

Writing this doesn’t mean I’m over my insecurities. I’m dealing with a lot of them & trying to fight back.

So, What are your insecurities and how are you dealing with them? Let me know in comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

Have A Great Day ❤️

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