Why I & fans of Twenty one pilots so obsessed with them?

Why Twenty one pilots have a devoted fan base?

If you are following me on Instagram or if you know me personally then you must have observed that I often post about the boy band Twenty one pilots. My phone wallpaper & gallery is full of their pictures.

So , today I’m writing this article to let you all know why I’m a devoted fan of this band & why you should listen to them too.

Hello Everyone!

First of all, this is not going to be a regular article which I post every Friday. It’s more of a personal article than a self-improvement | Relationship | Mental health article.

As I just said in the introduction of this , I’m going to talk about my favourite band The Twenty One Pilots here. So keep reading till the end.

Note: I have already written an article about Twenty one pilots in the initial days of my blog. But it was a short one & I felt like I need to say more about them

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Who Are Twenty One Pilots ?

Are they real pilots or what? Do this band got 21 members ? No no, not at all. The band name sounds weird for many people. Being a die hard fan of Tøp I’ve been teased for the same.

You don’t know my brain
The way you know my name
You don’t know my heart
The way you know my face
– Message Man

Twenty one pilots is a boy band started by Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas & Chris Salih. Tyler is the Singer, Rapper, Songwriter & plays instruments which includes Piano, Ukulele, Drums, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer while Nick Thomas is a Bassist.

Later on, Nick & Chris quit the band in 2011 & a drummer named Josh Dun joined the band.

Why Twenty One Pilots ?

What does the title mean? The title inspired by a play called “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller. The story is about a man who commits suicide as he caused death of Twenty one pilots during World War II by sending faulty part of goods. Tyler was studying the play & got inspired by it to name his band as Twenty One Pilots.

Source: Wikipedia

What Music Do They Make?

Tøp doesn’t make music of in a single genere. Various geners they have made music on are Alternative Hip hop, Electropop, Indie pop, pop rock, rap, etc.

Twenty one pilots was the winner of Grammy Awards as Best Pop Duo / Group performance for their song “Stressed Out” from album “Blurryface”.

Reasons Why I am Obsessed With Twenty One Pilots

1. I Connect With Them

When I started listening to Tøp, I honestly didn’t understand the lyrics as it was too deep and poetic for me. Later on, with help of Google & YouTube I tried to understand the meaning behind their deep lyrics.

(Yes, there are YouTubers who explains their songs)

Then how can I connect with them? Because I can feel their music. I can feel the lyrics & beats they make. They make me feel their presence when I’m feeling down. Their songs eases out all the stress and worries of mine.

Even though some of their songs are hard for me to understand but I can still feel them with my heart & soul. Why? Because, Its not possible that I can relate to every song they make but still I can feel them. So I try to understand such songs and enjoy them.

2.Their Music Is Not About Girls/ Alcohol/ Your Ex

If you look at the recent trending tracks, you will find out that majority of songs are about either Girls, Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Breakups, etc. And these always makes to the top of the Hot Top 100 on Billboard or YouTube Trending section.

If not these then on what topics do Twenty one pilots makes songs?

Their music different than because they talk about their own struggles, fears ,insecurities, doubts,etc. They have a purpose of making music. The purpose is to tell everyone that they are not alone. Every one is going through hard times & there are always someone who is fighting with the same demons as you & you can win them over together.

Music can make things hurt less – Tyler Joseph

They have helped huge number people to get away with some serious issues like Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts, etc.

I never had any serious issues like these but I have always felt that they are there for me always.

3. Unique Music & Style

Unlike a normal song with same music and tone throughout, songs of twenty pilots are very different. One moment they are playing sweet and soothing tone & next moment you’ll hear Tyler screaming & josh drumming like anything.

So, they are quiet unique in their music. It’s something which I really love about them. And they are not doing this to just to look different, the changing music & beats has feelings and emotions attached.

Goner is a perfect example a silent song which gets on a surprisingly high note in the middle and again ends on a silent note.

I’m trying, I’m trying to sleep
I’m trying, I’m trying to sleep
But I can’t, but I can’t when you all have
Guns for hands yeah
Guns for hands

When you listen to them, one moment you will be tapping you feet with the beat & next you will want to cry & scream loudly. Yeah, that’s how it escalates quickly.

4. They are an Inspiration To Me ( And Many)

In the music video of song “Ode to sleep” the journey of Tøp from playing in front of 12 people to playing in front of more than 12 thousand people is shown.

Watch here – Ode To Sleep

Back in 2011, Tyler josh performed outside their home-state and that’s how there journey started. This video makes me so emotional to seem them grow so amazingly.

From 12 people to 12 thousand is such an inspirational journey of the boy band. It shows how far they’ve come & how much hard work they did to get here.

5. I Never Get Tired Of Listening To Them

I’ll stay awake
‘Cause the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight – Ode To Sleep

Normally when you like a song, you keep listening to it for few weeks or sometimes even a month and then you stop listening. No matter how favourite that song was, you move on to other song(s).

This happens with me too. But not with the songs of Twenty one pilots. Even though I’ve been listening to their from almost 3 years now, I’ve never got bored or tired of listening.

With time all those are making much more sense to me than ever. So it makes me fall in love with their songs, more & more.

So, Tøp are always on Top of my playlist. Even if they make no music in future, I’ll keep listening to the old ones till I die.

6. They Give Me (And Many) A Hope

That’s what Tøp is been doing through their music, they are making things hurt less for their fans. They are so much more than just a Musical band to their fans.

They have made songs on topics about which people never dared to talk about. Like Depression, Suicidal thoughts and more sensitive topics. And even after getting famous, they didn’t change to be accepted by people.

And they just didn’t make music, they gave people a hope that they can get better, a hope that they aren’t alone in this journey. They gave a reason for many people to “Stay Alive”. 

Stay alive, stay alive for me
You will die, but now your life is free
Take pride in what is sure to die


My Favourite Songs Of Twenty One Pilots

I would just list down all of their songs here as I don’t have any one song which I don’t like.

But I’ll pick best of them which you can listen to for someone who is listening to Tøp for the first time.

So the list goes as below:

  1. Car Radio – Vessel
  2. Goner – Blurryface
  3. Kitchen Sink – Regional At Best
  4. Addict With A Pen – Twenty one Pilots
  5. Migraine – Vessel
  6. Holding onto you – Vessel
  7. House Of Gold – Vessel
  8. Ode To Sleep – Three songs
  9. Screen – Vessel
  10. Truce – Vessel
  11. Trees – Vessel
  12. Jumpsuit – Trench
  13. Ride – Blurryface
  14. Message Man
  15. Slowtown – Regional At Best

You can click on the songs listed above & you’ll be directed to YouTube.

Do let me know which one you liked the most in the comments section.

Why You Should Listen To Twenty One Pilots?

Well, I’m not forcing anyone here to become a fan of Tøp. Everyone has their own taste in Music. So obviously that’s not my intention here.

But for a change, if you are tired of listening to the same old songs about Alcohol, Drugs, Love then this unique will be really interesting change for you.

Especially, for the poets out there on WordPress. I really feel that people who write poems will find them very interesting. I might be wrong though.

But do give it a try & let me know if you accidentally become a fan of Twenty one pilots. So that I can have more people to talk with about Tøp.

Thank you so much for reading & I’m waiting for your thoughts in the comments section.

Hello , If anyone wants someone to talk to or wants to suggest me topics to write on then feel free to reach out.

You can contact me here.

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