Why do we grow up?
To miss the times when we were younger?

When you saw someone reminiscing their old times
it seemed boring
maybe you still dread at the stories your parents recites to you every other day

But what different are you?
aren’t you too
going back in time & missing the fun times
criticizing the new gen
comparing your times with theirs
and feeling superior?

Now everyday you login on the internet
and see memes of “Only 90s kids”
share threads of music that released in your school days
and trolling the current trends

Anyway, let’s get back to the original question
Why do we grow up?
to meet old friends in a shiny bar
spicy food along with sweet nostalgia
of college days
what else do we need to talk about

Or to go back in time
wondering what if
that little good thing with that
one person could have gone the other way
the way you never got to walk on
Where you might have ended up right now?

Okay I’m tired to go back now
guess I’ve figured it out
why do we grow up
it’s indeed to miss the times when we were younger

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