Have you been through a painful breakup where you didn’t know why it happened in the first place?

I know, it sucks. You try, you beg, you plead and do everything just to get an answer or true reason, but they leave.

Does this mean you’re weak for asking an explanation before moving on?

No, you are not. In fact, closure is so important in so many ways, for both parties.

Let’s try to understand the importance of getting closure to a failed or broken relationship.

What Is A Closure From A Relationship ?

A Closure is simply an answer to the question “Why did a person decide to end a relationship or break a bond?”

So, when someone says that they are looking for closure from a friend or ex partner, what they mean is they still don’t know why it happened.

And this happens all the time. Many people choose to leave without any discussion or explanation. Then the other person goes out of their ways to get this answer by destroying their self respect and worth as well.

Please note the fact that here we are talking about all kinds of relationships including friendships, romantic relationships, marriage, etc.

Now, why do I say that closure is so important, that too for both people involved in a relationship.

Why Closure Is So Important After A Breakup ?

importance of closure after a breakup

Because not getting a closure is freaking painful.

No one deserves to go through a relationship failure or a breakup where the person has no idea why the hell it happened.

The amount of pain of staying up all night, wondering about everything said or happened in the past, analyzing every argument that took place, and still failing to find a valid reason is exhausting and unbearable at the same time.

And no one deserves to go through it.

When you are left alone by someone without even a conversation, you don’t know what to do next.

To Wait Or Move On ?

Whether to wait or move on becomes a very confusing question for you.

Choosing any of the two options can be equally painful.

Let’s say you decided to wait for the person to come back. You’ll still spend most of your time thinking about why it happened and how you can get the person back in your life.

So, you’ll compromise on most of the important aspects of your life and dedicate your mind, time and energy in winning this person over again.

But you still don’t have any confirmation on whether this person wants to come back or not.

Moving On Without A Closure

Now, let’s talk about the second option. Moving on without a closure seems to be a brave thing to do, and it actually is. However, this way you still won’t know why someone had to break the relationship. You won’t have clear lessons from the previous relationship failure.

And the worst part is you’ll have to assume why it ended and which eventually will affect your future relationships.

You will have a very hard time trusting new people. Some people become so rude or judgemental on new people they meet because of their bitter past.

People fear getting into relationships in the future and their whole perspective about other people gets changed. So, they see almost everyone as the person who broke their heart in the past.

Look how far things can get if you don’t get a closure in a relationship.

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Final Words On Getting A Closure

To be brutally honest, you won’t get closure all the time.

And you’ll come across multiple articles or videos talking about moving on without knowing the reasons. That’s the truth and we all have to accept and deal with it.

But the sole purpose of writing this article is to make you aware about the aftermath of not getting or giving closure to a relationship.

Maybe someday you’ll be the one who has to end a relationship and part ways from someone who meant the world to you. At that time I hope you will be kind with them and not leave them without a conversation, an answer to their simple question and a little love.

And to answer the question I asked in the intro of this article..

The person who runs away is the weaker one, not you.

[Reposted On 28th December 2020, Originally Posted On 30th June 2020]

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