Hello there , going to write my first blog right now . I’m not used to writing but i always wanted to try this out .

Today I was just sitting & suddenly a thought striked my mind “At any moment I could start being more of the

person I dream to be – but which moment should I choose?” 

And guess what? I still don’t have any answer.Each one of us wants to be a better version of ourselves .We know everything we should be doing to be that person yet we fail to do right things.

Why do we face this?

  •  Fear of Change : We keep doing same things everyday & expect us to get better version of ourselves.
  • Procrastination: Delaying daily tasks is worst thing people do which hinders them to grow theirselves .
  • Living in past : Many people are stuck in their past or are worrying about future too much.
  • Self Doubt: Constant negative self talk stops a person from growing .

What can be done?

  • Change your environment: No , you don’t have to change your home or city.

Changing your environment means getting to such place where you will be meeting new people & having new experiences . For example : You can join A Music class or join gym.

  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?: Ask yourself this question everytime you delay your important tasks.This will drag you to do your important work in no time.
  • Live in the present: Start appreciating yourself wherever you’re .Whatever you’re facing right now , let it be hardest situation in your life always be grateful to what you have. Try to see hidden lesson in such situations .Learn from your past & stop worrying about your future.
  • Positive self- talk: What you say to yourself matters more than what others say about you. Always say positive sentences to yourself. Be your own mentor .Never ever let yourself give up on anything you want.


I hope this blog helps you to take first step towards becoming better version of yourself .

Thank you for reading !

Have a beautiful day !