Have you ever been stuck at same place?

Where you lost motivation to move further?

Where you can’t stop overthinking?

Where you couldn’t find any way out?

I’m sure you have. Actually I’m stuck right now at a same place where I can’t see any way out.

But don’t worry , till the end of this post I’m sure I’ll find a way. And you’ll too.

What Does Getting Stuck Actually Mean?

I’ll try to explain it with the help of an example. Suppose you are studying for an upcoming exam. You are preparing for it from past few months consistently. But then suddenly you lost consistency & got distracted. And you are not able to get back to your previous schedule of studying.

This situation where you can’t find a way to get out of a negative situation is called as Getting stuck.

So how to get out of this hopeless place?

Its Okay To Get Stuck

Yes , you heard it right. It’s totally okay to get stuck at one place. You are human, not a machine who can keep working all the time. You will get tired. You will lose motivation. You will feel like giving up. It’s totally natural.

But what happens is that when we are in this situation , we start to blame ourselves. Also we develope a lot of negative thoughts about ourselves.

So first of all, all you need to do is tell yourself “It’s totally okay to get stuck”.

Talk It Out

In this situation we often start overthinking the same thing again & again. Yet we fail to find a solution. So we end up getting frustrated & lose motivation to find a solution.
To avoid this , share whatever you’re going through with someone you trust. Explain them what you’re going through. It doesn’t matter if that person has solution for your problem or not , just talking it out will surely clear your mind. And you might end up finding solution by yourself.

So , Talk it out.

Start Small

Finally you’ve decided to get out of the place you’ve been stuck for long & start working once again. So you start planning what you are going to get yourself back on track of your life.

But wait, do not set high expectations at the beginning. Why? Because you’ve not been working from long so starting by setting bigger goals & higher expectations can make you lose motivation quickly. And again you’ll be back to where you started.

So ,Start small.

Write It Down

As you wake up, write down whatever tasks you want to do that day (Do not forget “start small”).

Write them down and prioritise tasks. As you complete one task tick the checkbox & move further.

In this way you’ll start to get back to being productive once again. At the end of the day you’ll be proud of yourself & motivated to work for next day.

Be Positive

This is really hard thing to do in this kind of situation. But it’s the most important thing which can help us to get out such situations quickly.

No matter how many negative thoughts you get during this time, always remind yourself of all of your blessings, strengths & successes.

This will help you to believe in yourself & also motivate you keep going without looking back.

And eventually You’ll get out of the place you’ve been stuck.

Hello Everyone !

Actually I’m experiencing this situation currently. I’m stuck with my laziness from past few weeks & I was trying too hard to get out of it.

So , I thought why not to write a blog post about this topic to help me & also anyone who’s going through such phase in their life.

What are your thoughts on this post? Found this post helpful or not? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading β™₯️

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