Do I write better when I’m sad
or when I’m in love?

These days, I doubt if i can ever write again
it’s like I’m drained out
nothing left to pour out
maybe I’m hollow

I see these people once thought to be mine
and I wonder
how a human can romanticize one moment
shared with one person
and live that fantasy
calling it a life
I don’t even know if I’m a livin being
or a dreaming demon
from my past life

Every night I sit down with them
noting down what could have been
if i hadn’t been that
hadnt said that
how lovely it would have been if i had choose to not fall for the lies and the disguised  hopes
like the kid in me who hated love
I saw modern love as a betrayal
an easy lie
but I betrayed the child inside
and grew up with fantasies that end up in

Now I don’t know if I’ve anything to feel anymore
I wake up in the morning terrified
looking at the Mirror
wondering how I’m becoming more of you than me
where did I drift away from me
was it when I was sad
or in love

Poem Description

Wrote this a month ago when I was about to sleep. Almost asleep, I think. Still managed to complete this and make some sense.

I don’t know why it feels like been so long since I wrote something. Even though I wrote & posted a new article last week.

Anyway, haven’t been reposting these days as right now I’m more focused on other blogs that I handle.

So, I’ll be little off here for some time. Though I’ll definitely try to keep posting (& reposting).

Let’s see how it goes.

For all those beautiful people who still reads and support my work, thank you so much❤️

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