What’s the point?
The point that we can look from a far
from the past that we survived and
present that we claim to be living in

I don’t know what it looks like,
where I can find it,
grab it
I’ve no clue
But I’m still looking for it
all the time

In the words that I write in poems
or the conclusion I make in the articles
even in the floating clouds and sky blue sky from the pictures I capture all the time

Some said to score higher marks in exams
that’s how you’ll lead to the path of real happiness
So I did it
thinking it might make me happy
well, it was just a lie (for me)

Failure was supposed to feel dark
but it was a relief from running
to a place I never wanted to reach
So I did the best I could

All these years
all these people been lied & lying
about making it big in life
by doing things you never wanted
in the name of inspiration, motivation
and all those fleeting emotions

I don’t see a point in the most things I do
Why I do what I do?
What if I stopped doing what I do
and disappear forever?
Will it change anything?

As I coming towards the end of this
All I can say is
The point is
there is no a point
even in trying to find it
everything is just ..

Poem Description

What’s even point in writing this description?

Another poem which I had started writing a month back. I often wonder about this question “What’s the point?”

Like who cares? What is gonna change if I stop doing what I do or start doing what I don’t. The universe is too large and there’s hardly anything which is gonna be affected by my actions.

I think the point is, there is no point at all.

That’s just how it is. Pointless.

Thank you for reading

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