What am I to you
Who am I to you
A friend in need
or a friend indeed ?

Someone whom you chase
when everyone else is left behind
and someone whom you call out
when everyone else is out of reach

A shoulder to rest your head
and cry your soul out
A chest to hide yourself
when you’re too afraid to face anyone

Somone whom you punch & kick
to let out all your frustrations & pain
And someone whom you use to
heal your bruises & wounds

A hand to save you from falling
after slipping from ridge so high
A lap to rest your weary soul
when you have nowhere to go

Someone who pulls you out when
you’re drowning in an ocean of self hatred
and someone who collects myriad pieces
of your broken heart

What am I to you ?
A person close to your heart but
only when everyone else tries to break it
A person without him you can’t live but
only when everyone else abandons you

Who am I to you?
Someone whom you can use
whenever & however you want
and someone whom you can throw
wherever you feel like

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Poem Description

What am I to you – Poem is a poem about fake friendship. It talks about getting used by people in the name of friendships. And then leaving off after their intention is fulfilled.

Well, I am sure everyone have had such friends who used you when they needed someone and forgot too soon. Then you were left alone with all those questions & doubts about what went wrong.

In this poem, I tried to express the feelings of a person who always gets used for Kindness & Friendliness by people around.

Can you relate to this poem? If yes, then do share your experience and thoughts on this poem in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

[Reposted on 22nd November 2020, Originally posted 20th September 2019]

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