What was your dream when you were little ?

It can be to become A Pilot , An Actor , A Police Officer , A Dancer , A Doctor ,etc.

Children are the most beautiful & free human beings . They find happiness in so little things . I think children have purest heart than anyone else . They aren’t worried about what people think or someone will judge them . They are free & wild .With a single smile they can make everyone happy .

Everybody had a dream when they were child ,Had not you?

I’d love to share my Weird Childhood dream. I call it weird because I don’t think many people had this kind of dream .

So my childhood dream was to get old & retire from my job .

I know it’s hard to believe . Let me tell you what was my logic behind this weird dream .

When I was a kid in studies I was pretty good. I always stood in top 5 students from class. But I used to get irritated with studies sometimes .

So why my dream was to get old soon & get retired because I wanted get rid of all the stress . When I will be retired from my work ,I will be at peace. I can sleep as long as I want , because there will be no school/ work where I need to show up every morning.

That’s why I wanted to grow old soon .

I was a crazy kid . Always quite & composed .I used to smile a lot . Miss those times when even strangers used to compliment me & adore me .

So this was my Childhood dream , What was yours?

Weird dreamers like me are welcomed in the comment section below πŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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