Vanilla Sky poem

My dreams are a cruel joke
they make me question the air breathe in
the voice of you that wakes me up
from the nightmares
where I run wild on an empty street

Remember you wanted to tell me a secret?
Lured me out on the streets
shadowed by the vanilla sky
My eyes followed yours
so did my legs
Then you closed your eyes in the middle of crowd
held my face leaning towards my lips
the crowd stopped
and we loved each other with closed eyes

I don’t know if I’m real
if all this that I live through is a dream
I wonder how powerful love is
that we can even feel it see it touch it
when we’re blinded by lies
I see you running away far from me
and the sky turning back to sky blue
as my eyes lose you

You know when we’re in that moment
like really really in it
when nothing else existed for us
that’s where we need to hold on
because it slips away before the eyes could be opened
I wish i had put my arms on your waist
to hold you close
and let the dream turned into our own world

It’s the little things, you know
there’s nothing bigger.
In the end,
All that we are left alone with
are what ifs and I wishs

Sometimes, I wish I could dream about something different
like I’m flying
with you by my side
chasing each other from shooting stars
resting on the moon when it’s too hard to breathe

But alas
All I see is your back getting hazier
and the sky getting back to what it’s supposed to be
but I’m still there on the same street
amongst that crowd
waiting for it to go silent all over again
so I can hold onto you this time
to make true love possible
unlike the last time

If not,

Maybe I’ll see you in another life,
when we both are stars.

Poem Description

This poem is inspired by the movie “Vanilla Sky“. A Thriller/SciFi film starring Tom cruise, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz in lead roles.

It’s been so long, I think a year that I watched movie and loved it so much that I wrote a poem as soon as I finished the movie. Last time it happened for Five feet apart and now Vanilla sky.

I don’t know what but this movie, especially ending just blew me away. And.. I don’t know how to describe that feeling, just read the poem :p

And if you haven’t watched the movie, watch it ASAP.

Thank you for reading!!

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