Hello guys!

No, I’m not joking at all. This is an update for all of you wordpress readers as some already know it through my instagram.

So, I deleted all of my website data from server accidentally.

That day my site was taking too long to respond. So as usual I logged into my hosting account to restart the server instance. But instead of stopping the instance, I terminated it which deleted everything.

Losing 256 blog posts in one click shook me. I had no idea what to do & I was panicked. I started thinking about how I have been writing all these posts regularly for more than 2 years.

I didn’t understand what to do or feel.

Did I Get The Posts Back?

Thankfully, yes!!

Everything did get deleted from server, including media, links, etc.

So, how did I get them back? If you don’t know yet, first I had free wordpress blog when I started blogging. And it was feb 2019 when I shifted to self hosted and got everything migrated from old blog to new one.

But I didn’t delete my old blog & that’s the reason why I could get backup for 71 blog posts easily. So these first 70 posts with comments are back on my blog.

What About Rest 185 posts?

As the posts were deleted from server, there’s no way to get a backup for all of them. Few were availble in web archieve but they weren’t enough.

Thanks to wordpress reader which still showed all of my posts till Jan 2019. So, i had to manually copy & paste those posts to myself to get them back.

It was a huge task as the number of posts is too much. I’m so grateful to all of my friends who helped in completing this task so quickly.

They mailed me those posts individually through mails. And it was very lengthy process to do by myself.

Thank you so much guys!!!!

All about Reposting old blog posts

Right now, there are only 71 posts on the blog. Though you might still see the deleted ones in the app, as they are cached. But on actual website they aren’t available.

So, I’ll be reposting all of those remaining posts asap. I’ll start from the ones which were ranking high on Google, otherwise I’ll lose the rankings in no time.

Also, good thing is that many of you will get to read the older articles/poems which were posted before you subscribed.

It’s quite a huge task to re-edit all those posts (From Feb 2019 – Oct 2020) and repost. But I’ve no other choice than this.

What About New Posts?

I was excited to get back to writing again and then I made this mess. Anyway, I’ll post new articles/poems as well.

To identify new posts easily, I’ll put updated tag with date on the reposts.

Or if you have any other ideas, let me know.

Please Backup Your Blog Data

Because you never know.

This shouldn’t happen with anyone. I’m very grateful that I’ve my posts back & also didn’t lose any of the subscribers ( As they are connected with jetpack plugin).

That’s all. I’ll start reposting from tomorrow & it won’t have any weekly schedule. I’ll just publish them asap.

Thank you & have a great day!

See you tomorrow with a repost.