Have you spent a day without looking at a Meme? It’s quite impossible as memes are everywhere and we all love them. Every social media site is full of funny memes on every topic and they receive a huge amount of shares by users.

After reading such good words for memes, you might be wondering why the title says Types of Memes I hate?

Well, this article is about 5 types of memes that I hate and these are the ones which disturbs me.

Disclaimer: Before proceeding let me make it clear that these are my personal thoughts and opinion about a certain type of memes and you don’t have to agree with them all. I just felt like writing a different type of article.

Let’s start!

5 Types Of Memes I Hate Looking At

1. The “Ex” Memes

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Those memes about how toxic, manipulative, evil, crazy, insensitive and all the negative things that your ex is.

I always wonder how everyone’s ex is the one at fault? How come it’s their ex who is the reason behind their breakup? And if it’s true where are these Exs. These memes makes me feel like there is a group ex about whom everyone is complaining.

But wait, aren’t we all ex to someone as well? And doesn’t that mean they are laughing at us by reading same memes?

I don’t know why, I can’t digest these ex memes. I’m just not okay with people not accepting their own mistakes and always blaming others.

Yes, some ex partners can be actually toxic but how on the earth every person is whining about their ex?

2. Glorifying Toxic Habits

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From when did staying up all night, watching a whole season of series or eating unhealthy junk become something to boast about?

Well, joking on yourself is good at times. But all these Toxic habits have been normalized because we all read them everyday in the memes. So, you don’t feel like these are the things you need to get rid of.

Like insomnia for example, it’s not funny to stay up all night and then think it’s okay, it’s not. It is a serious problem and you can’t cope with it by making jokes about it.

Another example would be overeating. Again, it is not something to joke about or a thing which needs to be normalized. You would probably get diagnosed with serious diseases even before you cross 30’s. And it is already happening around you.

What’s wrong it’s wrong, these things shouldn’t be glorified in the name of humor.

3. Foodie Memes

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Everyone is foodie on social media. It’s obvious that each person loves eating food. I do too. But when a person keep sharing the same type of memes about how much they love food it makes me cringe so hard.

This type of memes also have normalized unhealthy lifestyle, being fat and a life leading to serious health issues in youngsters.

Personally I’ve been struggling with being fat since past 10 years. And let me tell you it’s not normal being unhealthy. You’ll see many posts telling that it’s okay to be thick skinned or self love posts about every body type is beautiful.

Yes, it’s good to accept your reality. But it’s not okay to be okay with being unhealthy.

These foodie Memes and body positivity posts are actually promoting a very Toxic lifestyle.

4. Extreme Trolling

(Not inserting any meme for example as this type of memes are disturbing)

People these days will trend #MentalHealthMatters on social media and on the other hand same people will be trolling someone based on their looks, gender, caste, religion and what not.

If you’re an Indian you would know this very popular campaign going on about Boycott nepotism and certain celebrities.

I agree that nepotism is real and there have been cases of talented people not getting opportunities. But does that mean you’ve to cross every limit to troll some people? Will that serve justice to the people who have suffered?

If you’ve finally realised that you have supported wrong people all your life then it’s time to just stop it. Why you need to give so much attention to those people & trend new hashtags everyday on twitter.

How stupid is that to give so much attention to someone whom you want to boycott?

5. Single Memes

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My teenagers buddies, stop feeling bad about not having a girlfriend or boyfriend by looking at these cliched memes.

Single life is much more peaceful than being with the wrong person. These memes are giving wrong message to so many people and making them feel sad for being single.

There’s a time for everything in life. For relationships, there’s no rule that at a certain age you need to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Don’t fall for these memes ever. There is nothing wrong in being single and nothing great about being in a relationship. Relationship with the right person is meaningful and can help you in your life but you don’t have to rush for it.

Final Words

Memes are fun but overdoing it feels unsafe to me. I am not sure if anyone who reads this article will agree with my thoughts or not. Most of you won’t and that is okay.

I have not written this article to change anyone’s thoughts on these types of memes. You can continue with your own thoughts and opinions. I just hope that at least few of those who reads this will take it as a new perspective and think about it.

Let me know your thoughts, I would love to discuss this topic.

Thank you for reading!

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