I tried acting for the first time today 😉

So today was my last exam. One of my friend (An actor) with his friends were preparing for a street-play .I went there just to watch their preparations . So, I was watching them & checking my Instagram.

Actually one more actor was required according to the script. My friend asked me to just give it a shot .

I don’t know what was in my mind & i just said okay .I asked what I’m supposed to do & we rehearsed 2-3 times .

And damn ,i couldn’t believe how did I do it? No, I wasn’t the best or better than others . But for a newbie in acting ,I think it was good .

I’m an introvert who loves being in his own world . Who is mostly awkward. Who sucks at communication . But I don’t know how I did it ?

Whatever it was , maybe it wasn’t that good or that bad. But this new experience was refreshing . It made me come out of my comfort zone.

So anyone who’s reading it ,I wanna say that try new things . Don’t expect anything from that new activity just try it. It will help you in self growth. It will introduce your never seen before version to yourself.

Just do it !