A Poem About Train Journeys

There’s something special about train journeys

I put my hand on another
and gaze outside the window
my hair flies with wind
and I smile in my mind
when no one is looking

Trees, farms, electric poles and homes
The train beats them all
but the sun, moon and stars
stays up there
all the time

They stare at me
and I stare back while plugging in my earphones playing a recent favourite song
just to pretend I’m acting in a movie scene                                     playing my favourite character

I look at the kids playing
with all their hearts
and adults running somewhere
from someone
looking for a meaning of their lives

But are they living?
Everyone is just Running Away
from the pain of yesterday
and fear of tomorrow
where is it taking them then?

It’s getting dark outside
but the moon and stars haven’t left me yet
The windows are getting closed
and lights turning off
but I keep looking outside in the dark

I see homes with closed doors
and dark windows
I wonder if someone is up inside
lost in thoughts about the meaning
of their existence in this universe
just like me

There’s something special about train journeys
it’s making me think of life
in a way I could never think of
while I was running away
just like the people I saw today

I lay my head beside the window
and close my eyes
humming the same song
I don’t care if I reach my destination
all that matters is I lived the journey

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Poem Description

Train journeys have always been special for me.

There was a time when we would travel to relatives’ place every six months. Me and my brother used to be so excited that we would plan what we were going to do their or discuss old memories.

And one of the most favourite parts about it was traveling by train. I have always enjoyed those 15 Hours of journey. I still love it but we don’t visit our relatives that often.

Recently I had a thought about not being in a train for a long time, so I tried writing it to feel it at least. I feel as if I am starting over with writing poems. Because this is 2nd poem in this month.

Let me know what do you think of the poem in comments below

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