Hello Everyone! This article states Top 5 Rules of Gym every beginner must know and follow to get the maximum benefit of gym and achieve every fitness goal.

If you’re gym-goer, you must have come across a phase where you don’t see progress you wish to see in your body even after regularly going to gym. Then you end up getting frustrated and start looking for solutions. Maybe from your Trainer, Friends, Internet, etc.

In this way, you might get the reason behind Not getting results and ways to overcome it. But, there are some Top 5 Rules Of Gym which people often ignore and never take them seriously.

In this article, I’ll be talking about few basic rules you must follow at your gym. No, I am not getting into Change in workout plan or Diet plan. Just going to share few of the things people do wrong at the gym.

Top 5 Rules Of Gym

1. Keep Your Phone At Home

The most annoying thing I’ve ever seen at gym is people checking their phones during exercising. What? Why? If you really wanted check your social media then why to waste your time to go to the gym?

By getting a gym membership you’ve put your Money, Time and Energy into it. So, you must utilise all of the resources and focus on your fitness goals instead of wasting time at gym.

Never take your phone with you at gym. Unless, you get some emergency calls then you can keep it you. But don’t use it for Updating status on social media, clicking selfies, Chatting, etc.

2. Ask For Help

When I joined gym for the first time, there were many exercises at which I struggled. I couldn’t even perform simplest exercise properly.

It happens with almost every beginner. And it is totally okay. So when you are not able to perform a exercise and have doubts about it, do ask for help from Trainer or someone who has been working out from long.

Never feel shy or insecure for asking for help. If you don’t ask for help, you will end doing exercise in wrong way. So, obviously it will cause negative effects on your body.

3. Be Respectful –

Top 5 rules of gym

I joined gym 4 years ago when I was 106Kg and as I said earlier that I couldn’t even do simplest exercises at the beginning. There has been many instances which happened with me where I got laughed at. The reason was I was unable to do a certain exercise or I just looked funny while doing it (Due to being fat).

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And this is something you should never do to anyone. You must respect every person who is trying to change himself/herself and putting best efforts for it. Do not pass comments about them or laugh at anyone.

You are not perfect either (Nobody is). So Be respectful and Focus on your self.

4. Don’t Follow Anyone Blindly –

If you’re a gym-goer , I’m sure you’ve met plenty of advisers in the gym. They will tell you about their workout plans, diet plans, supplements, etc and how it can help you to get muscular/leaner as they are.

Do not follow their advice blindly. What has worked for them won’t necessarily work for you too. We all have different bodies and when it comes to gain muscles or lose fat one has to find out what where he/she needs to improve. Whether it is Lack of nutrition, Irregular Sleep, Eating habits, etc.

So, you’ve to analyse yourself and discuss it with your trainer about what you want to achieve. Then only you can achieve your fitness goals.

5. Be Patient –

Top 5 rules of gym

My fat loss journey was so slow. I almost took 3 years to lose fat. The journey includes giving up multiple times, being irregular at gym, not making changes in my diet,etc. Still,I was losing fat but it was a very slow process. Later when I took my workout as well as diet seriously, then I got some very good results.

One of the most important thing here is Patience. Humans rarely have it. All we want is instant results. But in reality, it’s not possible so we get discouraged often. This is the reason why lot of people give up after they don’t see immediate results.

One more reason is comparisons. We compare ourselves with someone who is getting better results than us and then feel bad about ourselves.

As I have said earlier,we all are different and there are multiple factors on which results depend. Hence, you must never compare your fitness journey with anyone. Keep working hard every single day and be patient. You’ll definitely reach your goals.

Final Words

These were Top 5 Rules of gym which I’ve learnt from my fitness journey. A lot of mistakes which I’ve mentioned above, are done by me too. That is why I’ve shared what I’ve learnt after committing them.

I hope this article helps you to realise what are the things you need to focus while being at gym and what you need to avoid doing.

If you have more Tips/Advice from your Gym experience then please share them in comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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