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What are Top 5 Advice for Parents ? What are Top 5 things parents are doing wrong? Why parents need to stop doing them? Let’s try to find out.

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This article is going to be for every parent from perspective of children. Most of the times, Parents give advice to children but this article talks about some piece of advice for parents.

Just like children, parents also do a lot of mistakes while parenting. Sometimes they even hurt their child unknowingly. But The child cannot openly talk about it or complain. This affects child negatively and produce serious problems.

Let’s look at the the Top 5 pieces of advice for parents.

Top 5 Advice For Parents

Top 5 advice for parents

  1. Stop Comparing Your Child With Others – This is the worst and most toxic thing Parents can do. Comparing a child with others based on Grades, Skills, Personality, Salary, etc is done in very high amount. Such comparisons put unnecessary pressure on child which actually degrades their performance. Even if parents think this as a way encouragement or motivation to their child, comparisons only make them feel insecure and afraid of future. Every child is unique in its own ways, so there is no point in any comparisons.
  2. Stop Expecting Too Much From Your Child – After comparisons , the expectations of parents increases. Whether it is in the form of Grades at School or Salary at Job, expectations keeps rising day by day. Having expectations from a child isn’t a wrong thing. It is natural and also shows concern of a parent. In current world, we all get fooled everyday from what we see around. So it is normal for parents to have High Expectations. Here, patience plays very important role. Being patient and supportive with your child is what needed.
  3. Stop Controlling Your Child – As a caring parent, it is good to put some restrictions on a child. And a parent must make sure that the child to learn about what should be done and what shouldn’t. But it doesn’t mean you need control child’s life. You can’t be so hard on you child and not consider their freedom to live as they wish. Too much of controlling affect child’s mental health. According to observations, children with controlling parents suffers with Insecurities, Depression, Fears, etc.This can affect him/her in future very badly. So parents need to teach their child and not control.
  4. Stop Forcing A Career On Your Child– Forcing A Career path for children which is socially acceptable and seems to be attractive which is actually a very harmful thing for a child. I observe many parents around me, who wants their child to pursue education in a particular field which is Trending, Or done by themselves, Or Relatives ,etc. So they already decide a career option for their child without realising the fact that he/she might also have own dreams and interests. The most crucial part of human life is choosing career which must be done by considering number of factors including child’s interest, skills, personality type ,etc.
  5. Stop Advising Too Much Yes, Parents do have more experience. They have lived there life & gone through different phases of life from which their child will go. And this experience is very helpful for growth of child & it acts as a learning for them. But this doesn’t mean parents know everything. Times changes, People changes, Lifestyle changes and hell a lot things changes with time. What was applicable 10 years before doesn’t necessarily benefit today. Hence, parents need to accept this change by trying to adapt to it and try not to advise too much their child.

Final Thoughts

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Often, Parents advise children to correct their mistakes, but many times Parents also make mistakes. Every human, be it Old or Young, does a lot of mistakes. And everyone needs to learn to accept those mistakes and further actions can be taken to correct them.

So, Parents need to stop doing these mistakes and help children to grow both physically and mentally.Again, I’m not trying to take side of Children or targeting only Parents. Children do a lot of mistakes too and they need to be advised too.

I’ll write a separate article on “Top 5 Advice for Children”.

What advice you would like to give to all the parents? Do share them in comment section below.

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