As I complete 19th rep
of bicycle crunches
I fall down on the green floor
drained & worn out

All I can hear is
My unstoppable and blaring
Heartbeats and Breaths
with Eminem screaming in my ears
till I collapse

I gotta find that fire inside and
unleash the hidden inner beast
who refuse giving up and
keeps coming back at every obstacle

The people around and inner voice
are gonna doubt my strengths
and test my patience
because they can’t do it themselves

No one knows about
the 6 o’clock in the morning where
I bathed with sweat and
set my body on blazing fire

I cannot stop these voices
Full of doubts & demotivation
instead I decide to turn this into
a fire which burns these voices
into ash so dark

My competition is with myself
who has fallen on the floor
too drained to stand up
to complete that unfinished set

The screams & rhymes of Eminem
pulls me up once again
asking me not to fall
and stand tall once again

~ Accidental Blogger

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Poem Description

Till I Collapse – Poem For Gym Motivation is a poem inspired by Eminem’s song Till I collapse.

Last week, I was working out at gym, totally exhausted and lying down on the floor. That’s when this song played in the background and I started finishing the unfinished set.

So, that’s how I got an idea to write this as a poem. Also, I tried to describe struggles and pain that I’ve experienced with respect to my fitness journey.

What does motivate you to workout and keeps you going when you are exhausted in the gym? Do let me know in comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

[Reposted on 11th December, Originally Posted 26th August 2019]

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