This little moment. Yes, this is the one where I’ve gathered all my willpower to start writing this article after so long.

As the article itself is about things you shouldn’t waste your time on, don’t waste too much time in laughing on the intro.

Often times we realise after doing something that it was a total waste of time. It could be anything from just watching instagram reels endlessly to stalking a person who liked your crush’s picture. Yeah, the range is crazy.

But what if you already knew what are things you should never waste your valuable time on?

6 Things You Should Never Waste Your Time On

1. On & Off Relationships

If you’ve been in a relationship where one day you feel like you are the world to a person and then next day they make you feel like you don’t even exist. That’s some messed up thing to be invested in.

Such people will give you tons of reasons which you would believe to be true and give them thousand of second chances. But they will do it again without shame.

It can be your partner/crush or even friend who just randomly treats you so special when they need you or they having hormonal imbalance but in no time they will be done with you. And again come back to you after some time.

You should never waste too much time on such relationships where you are constantly being mistreated, lied and manipulated.

Yes, sometimes someone might be going through something and it will affect the dynamics of your relationship. It’s fair to be the understanding one & show patience at times.

But if this is happening frequently and everything starts to look fishy, it’s time to invest that valuable time into something/someone(you) which is actually worth it.

There’s no point in allowing someone to keep hurting you over & over again and then cry about why people are so cruel. Well, many are but that doesn’t mean you can’t control how they are gonna treat you.

2. Holding Onto The Past/People

Whatever that has happened in your past, no matter how amazing or how traumatic, it’s gone.

Maybe you had a dream so close to your heart, you put all your heart & soul in it but it didn’t work in your way. Or a person/relationship which you wished to last till the moon & back but then you were left all alone.

Be it anything which didn’t go well for you in the past, there’s no good in holding on to what’s lost.

What has happened has happened & most of the times, you won’t be able to fix/reverse it. Unless you have the infinity stones & the gauntlet.

I’m pretty sure that most of us have tried to hold on to our past or people. We have tried to go back to our past, change it and fix things just to avoid the pain/suffering. But isn’t that itself is painful?

Also such a time waste. Especially when we try to get back people/relationships from the past. No matter how hard you try it and want it, things will never go back to how they used to. In fact, it will only ruin your present.

Relationships which ended, people who got distant, goals which you didn’t meet… it’s all gone.

Maybe when you look back it looks like something you would never want to let go of, but that’s what you need to do about them.

Stop holding on & let go of it. Free those people, free yourself.

3. Hating Someone

Have you ever thought how much the hate you carry towards other people/things is affecting you? It’s a lot.

Social media is full of hate these days. There’s hardly a day without anyone getting hate there. Everyday there’s someone getting trolled, judged and abused.

Sometimes I just wonder how much time people have to do this to such an extent. Forget about time, what are you guys getting in return?

You’re only distributing your own mental peace by hating someone. Even if you’re hating a person who is actually at fault, your hate won’t change anything. They will still be the same person.

You won’t be able to control other people no matter what. That too by hating them? Never.

We all have a limited amount of time here in this world and you want to spend it on hating someone?

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4. Being Mad At Others

If you’ve been reader of my blog for a long time then you already know my thoughts on being mad at others.

Being upset with your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/sibling/parent is such a time wasting thing. Most of times in such situations both people wait for each other to take the first step and apologise or just start talking.

If you have had some serious argument with someone and it can’t be fix at all. Then let go of such people/relationships. It is much better than letting them control your time & emotions even when mention of their name boils you blood.

Just think about it, is being mad at someone helping you in any way? Better, just go & talk to them. Communication is sexy, yeah, I mean it.

Go & actually discuss what you think and listen to the othet person as well. It will save a lot of time for both of you.

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5. Complaining About Everything

If two people have complaints about the same things/person, they are most likely to be great friends.

Not sure if you have noticed this but you always vibe too well with someone who complains about the same things as you.

Like at work, your closest colleague is the one who hates the same person and you usually discuss about it everytime. Your conversations are incomplete without mentioning this special person with whom you share mutual feelings (Of hate, obviously).

Even if you notice political groups that exist in the society Liberals – Conservatives or even fan clubs Marvel – DC has people in it who has complaints about the same things/people. (Common sense, maybe?)

but again it’s a waste of a lot of valuable time. Complaining about anything be it about some person you hate or the problem of unemployment in the country, it won’t get better without any action.

Especially when this group identity becomes someone’s reality. Their daily life revolves around this complaining & trying prove their beliefs right to people who are trying to do the same for themselves.

The only thing why people love complaining about everything is it frees you from the responsibility of something wrong. And we love not taking responsibility and blaming it on others.

But think about it, what are you getting in return? If the thing/person you complaining about can be fixed/improved then take the action instead of just wasting time in whining.

6. Wasting time

Irony right? Wasting time is also a time waste.

Whether you think that you have all the time in the world or no time at all, you are wasting your time in both cases.

Because in first scenario you’ll be laid back most of the time & put off things to be done later. Even the ones that you love doing.

And in the next one, you’ll always think that you don’t have enough time for anything. You’ll keep thinking and saying out the same thing again & again that you’ll be convinced about it.

I think, I’m in the second situation where I’m convinced that I don’t have any time to write these days. Yes, I’ve gotten myself busy in doing lot of stuff along with a 9-5 job. But it doesn’t mean I literally don’t have any free time.

Well, I do have free time but what I don’t have is energy and that rhythm of writing/posting consistently like I had earlier.

Enough about me. The best thing we can do is not to be convinced any of these two scenarios. If there is something you want to do, do it now. Or if you are too busy, just find those breaks/free time where you waste it doing meaningless things.

You better use that time & not waste it in wasting time.

Final Words

Finally, I’m here writing the final words for this article. It took me 2 weeks to complete this. But I’m glad that I finally did finish it.

We often realise that we have wasted a lot of our valuable time when the whole damage is done already. Then all we want to do is punch ourselves in the face for it.

Will that change anything? It will change the structure of your face but the past. So, better we should learn from it & try to be aware about time.

Like am I putting my energy & valuable time for the right people/reasons? Is it really worth?

Self Awareness to ask such questions to self is all we need to not waste time in doing anything which later becomes a lifelong regret.

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