There are good or bad people. Just people.

There are no good or bad people

People often label a person good after a certain good thing they notice or experience. Now they will always have this image of a “Good Person” in their minds.

They expect this good person to only do stuff that matches with the criteria of being good. These good people can never do a thing which isn’t aligned with their ideas /perceptions of being good.

In case if that person did something which is bad, others who worshipped him/her as good can’t accept it.

This person will be highly bashed & his title of Good person will be snatched away.

For example: Most of the people who barely know me have a common assumption that I’m too simple.

Recently in one of the online groups, I shared an adult joke. So a guy was very surprised that I shared it.

Because he had this self created & false image of being Simple/good about me.

And there are many examples where people got surprised / disappointedwhen I did something which was not normal (For them & their assumptions)

The point is, there are no good people or bad people. Just people. Every person has good & bad qualities. (Sharing an adult joke wasn’t a bad one though)

We should not entitle people in our minds. Because there are high chances to get disappointed.

And then we would have to change their labels from Good to bad, happy to sad, healthy to toxic, exciting to boring, etc.

Let’s just look at people as people. People of all kinds. People with good habits, people with bad habits and both. People with good behavior, people with bad behaviour and both.

Let’s not label people anymore.

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Hey everyone!

This is something new which I’m trying on my Blog. Shorter versions of articles instead of detailed & long ones.

I feel my blog is getting too monotonous now & I needed to change something. Also I’m caught up with other things which doesn’t allow much time for me to write longer posts.

This kind of articles will be based on same topics on which I’ve been writing (With few expectations). But they will be shorter.

Also posting this on Sunday as I can’t wait to know if you all are okay with this type of articles.

So do let me know in the comments, if you want me to keep posting similar articles.

And yes, I’ll still post longer articles(Topics are already in my mind).

Thank you for reading

Important: This is a repost, so the paragraph you just read above won’t make sense now.

Originally posted on 26th January 2020

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