Do you remember the pillow
on my bed?
The one whom I slept holding tight
when you weren’t around

I named it after you
even how childish it sounded
kept it beside me
even how clingy it looked

One fine midnight,
when I was dreaming our future
you woke me up to say Goodbye
and left me with my pillow

I was stunned so much
thought it was just a bad dream
but soon wet pillow with tears
made me realise the truth

I tried calling you out loud
& make you listen to
my heart breaking down
piece by piece

I knew you wouldn’t stop
so I talked to my pillow
thinking it could tell me
why did you leave

But it never did
I screamed, yelled, cried
and soaked it with my tears
but the pillow kept mum

So, I stopped calling it
threw it so far away from me
that my hands could ever reach
and my eyes could ever glance

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The Pillow – Poem Description

The Pillow – An Incomplete Poem, a poem about incompleteness. A person trying to find answers to questions which will never get answered. And the story will always remain Incomplete.

The reason why I titled this one as an Incomplete poem is just like the story narrated in this poem, poem itself looks incomplete too. Though, I am not sure how a reader will feel about this one.

So, do let me know what you feel about this poem in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading !

[ Reposted on 29th December 2020, Originally Posted 1st November 2019]

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