The green of my heart - picture

The Green Of My Heart – Picture

Hello Everyone! New picture “Green Of My Heart” on this Wordless Thursday for you all. Wait, Thursday? Yes, I missed one more Wednesday. I had one practical exam on Tuesday and I couldn’t complete this post as I was tired in the evening.

Guess what? It’s not just a sky and clouds picture this time. It has a Beautiful and green Grass in it. (And Electric Cable, of course!)

This picture is from small trip I went with my brother and friends, back in 2017. My most favourite pictures that I clicked are from this place. I’ve posted many of them here already.

You can check them out here and also read about my experience visiting this place in following posts.

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Blurry Skyline – Wordless Wednesday

I hope you liked these pictures. If you did, do share what it made you feel in the comments section below. Have a great day ahead !

Thank you for reading!

Title Credits – Mermaid ( Thank you Mermaid ! Because I suck at writing titles)

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