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Why Do We Grow Up? – Poem

Why do we grow up?To miss the times when we were younger? When you saw someone reminiscing their old timesit seemed boringmaybe you still dread at the stories your parents recites to you every other day But what different are… Continue Reading →

Tired – Poem

I’m tired of tryinghow far do i need to runand still end up where I began I wake up everydaywith a hope borrowed froma glorified past i used to live inimitating the old selfthat breathed griefand sweated fire Now there… Continue Reading →

Words Or Silence – Death Poem

It’s 9:50 in the nightthe city is living in quarantineand I had to google for the correct spellingAnyway I’m out on terraceit’s a part of routinemy own isolationwith some air, stars ,skyand sometimes kid in the neighborhood But tonight it’s… Continue Reading →

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