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Cycle – Poem

It’s a cycle I feel like every person that I meetis for a reasonThey teach me something I missed learning from someone who’s no longer a part of methey put me in their shoesmake me realise how they might have… Continue Reading →

I’m Losing Myself – Poem

I can’t afford to lose youso I’m losing myself I drop parts of mewhen I walk away from your placeparts that crave being cravedby yours The roads that I walkbreaks apartburying those partsinto the core of this planetso there is… Continue Reading →

Farewell In Lockdown – Poem

Are we still getting a farewell ? A month ago, I had an ideato finally write about a placewhere I learnt the mostbeyond semicolons & curly bracesbut the place is lockednot sure if I can bid a final goodbyethe way I thought…. Continue Reading →

Hold On To You – Poem

I wish I had hold on to youthan the fear of losing you I don’t why I run awayeverytime you get close to meyou make me feel too much lovedsomething which scares me more than a heartbreak We lie down… Continue Reading →

The Pillow – An Incomplete Poem

Do you remember the pillow on my bed? The one whom I slept holding tight when you weren’t around I named it after you even how childish it sounded kept it beside me even how clingy it looked One fine… Continue Reading →

Nothingness – Poem

Not in a mood of life todaylet’s try out death for onceNot the one that ends alljust the one which stops all for a while Neither a single rhythmfrom a favourite songnor a gentle touch ofloved one can help tonight… Continue Reading →

Drifting Away – Poem

It’s been lonely out here just me and a flower printed on my bedsheet This is the time of the year when I’m usually sad maybe more than usual don’t know whether it’s nostalgia or something that i haven’t figured… Continue Reading →

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