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Off Days – Poem

Off days makes me feel empty It’s better when you have things to dothey keep you occupiedso you don’t get enough timeto travel back in timevisit those dark nightsembarrassing conversationsand your long lasting, loyal demons Off day feels like a… Continue Reading →

Tired – Poem

I’m tired of tryinghow far do i need to runand still end up where I began I wake up everydaywith a hope borrowed froma glorified past i used to live inimitating the old selfthat breathed griefand sweated fire Now there… Continue Reading →

Words Or Silence – Death Poem

It’s 9:50 in the nightthe city is living in quarantineand I had to google for the correct spellingAnyway I’m out on terraceit’s a part of routinemy own isolationwith some air, stars ,skyand sometimes kid in the neighborhood But tonight it’s… Continue Reading →

My Rainbow – Poem

People change.they often do for a reasonmeaningful onesbut I can’teven with a million reasons to change You start walking a different path one dayand then someone who walked all the waysby your side, along those highs & lowsturns their backall… Continue Reading →

When I say “I Miss You” – Poem

When I say I miss youIt’s not whenI’m hanging off a cliffor drowning in a river ofburning Lava When I say I miss youit’s whenI see clouds on blue skyor mountains covered with grass so green I’m okay with falling… Continue Reading →

Cursor – Poem

Cursor on my notepad stares at the white screen, blank face, empty heart a lost soul in the middle of December night It asks, Why you can’t type anything tonight? I say, you only read the words but can’t understand… Continue Reading →

Crying Without Tears – Poem

Tonight, I am Crying without tears. As I lay down on my bed late at night, I keep looking at my phone waiting for it to flash notification a message from you It’s been more than a week, since we… Continue Reading →

Little Reminders Of You – Poem

At 3 am Midnight I woke up with a beep My phone was reminding me of the night we cried together 2 years ago The night when you realised what I had for you was more than just an infatuation… Continue Reading →

Drifting Away – Poem

It’s been lonely out here just me and a flower printed on my bedsheet This is the time of the year when I’m usually sad maybe more than usual don’t know whether it’s nostalgia or something that i haven’t figured… Continue Reading →

You Said You’d Come Back – Poem

You said you’d come back and told me not to worry You asked for time and space for yourself So, I started waiting for you I stood by the door looking for a sign of you and knock on my… Continue Reading →

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