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Cycle – Poem

It’s a cycle I feel like every person that I meetis for a reasonThey teach me something I missed learning from someone who’s no longer a part of methey put me in their shoesmake me realise how they might have… Continue Reading →

Off Days – Poem

Off days makes me feel empty It’s better when you have things to dothey keep you occupiedso you don’t get enough timeto travel back in timevisit those dark nightsembarrassing conversationsand your long lasting, loyal demons Off day feels like a… Continue Reading →

Farewell In Lockdown – Poem

Are we still getting a farewell ? A month ago, I had an ideato finally write about a placewhere I learnt the mostbeyond semicolons & curly bracesbut the place is lockednot sure if I can bid a final goodbyethe way I thought…. Continue Reading →

What’s Next? – Poem

Do I have anything left to write?I don’t think I’m sad anymore(if that’s what got me started)or even happy to be honestI’m justcaught up, I guess I keep my schedule tightput things on my plate until they start spilling& make… Continue Reading →

My Rainbow – Poem

People change.they often do for a reasonmeaningful onesbut I can’teven with a million reasons to change You start walking a different path one dayand then someone who walked all the waysby your side, along those highs & lowsturns their backall… Continue Reading →

I’m Exhausted – Poem

I’m exhaustedmy mind tries to hold on to a tiny threada needle is plucked inside last piece of my hearttrying to make it wholeagain You’re the tiny threadthat fails to healthe last crack on my heartwhich could neither be yoursnor… Continue Reading →

When Do I Write Better? – Poem

Do I write better when I’m sador when I’m in love? These days, I doubt if i can ever write againit’s like I’m drained outnothing left to pour outmaybe I’m hollow I see these people once thought to be mineand… Continue Reading →

Cursor – Poem

Cursor on my notepad stares at the white screen, blank face, empty heart a lost soul in the middle of December night It asks, Why you can’t type anything tonight? I say, you only read the words but can’t understand… Continue Reading →

Window Seat – Poem

Sitting at a window seat looking at the running trees, I wonder, “How simpler life used to be” This window seat used to be a source of happiness Me and my brother always fought for it But as every elder… Continue Reading →

How Much Is Enough – Poem

How much is enough? When is that you stop looking for more? Do you even need it or you told that you do? You see people around you with things you don’t have then you go out & get them… Continue Reading →

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