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Chemical Reaction – Poem Inspired By Chemical Hearts Movie

Love, it’s a chemical reactionthat comes and goes When I fell for you the first timeI didn’t even know that I didIt just happenedlike a chemical reaction in a lab full of clueless teenagerswearing oversized lab coats But do chemical… Continue Reading →

Vanilla Sky – Poem

My dreams are a cruel jokethey make me question the air breathe inthe voice of you that wakes me upfrom the nightmareswhere I run wild on an empty street Remember you wanted to tell me a secret?Lured me out on… Continue Reading →

Masaan – Poem

While I lie down on a rocky ground by the river of Ganga at banaras A train approaches the bridge ahead of my sight Which reverberates in rhythm of your poem I failed to understand Since the wheel of bus… Continue Reading →

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