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A Slippery Road

A slippery road carved through the mountains surrounded by trees with leaves dripping rain water growing grass on the soil Finally started writing something (poetry maybe), though it’s just a description of above picture. I feel like it’s incomplete. So,… Continue Reading →

Touch The Green

Wish I could touch the green get drenched by the first drizzle of the season and end up pondering over Why can’t my hand reach the clouds? Again, the picture is from same day when I met with an accident…. Continue Reading →

You Stole My Sky

You stole my sky the clouds are drifting away all i have over my head is the blank sky It’s been so long since I have watched clouds over my head. That’s why there are no new sky and clouds… Continue Reading →

Through The Clouds

We passed through the clouds dodging potholes on the road still couldn’t save ourselves from bleeding hands and knees . . . Couldn’t think of anything else. Ps: Yes, me & my brother had an accident on this day. (August… Continue Reading →

Blue Sky and Flying Clouds

Empty roads blue sky and the flying clouds is all I crave for Ps: I clicked this a day before Lockdown while I was on the way back home from college. To See More Pictures From Wordless Wednesdays – Click… Continue Reading →

Mountains Painting A Lake – Earth Day

And that day I watched the mountains painting a lake verdant Did you notice a lake in the picture?? To See More Pictures From Wordless Wednesdays – Click Here Follow me on : Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |Pinterest Picture… Continue Reading →

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