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Droplets Refusing To Drop

Levitating deep under the rainwater but all I want is to dive inside the droplets refusing to drop off your lower lip. ~ Accidental Blogger Can anybody still see this on their feeds? With my inconsistent blogging schedule, I doubt… Continue Reading →

Sad Sunflowers – Wordless Wednesday

Sad sunflowers We don’t know whom to look at these days when the sun barely rise or set so we try looking at each other for some sunshine and a ray of hope ~ Accidental Blogger This is the first… Continue Reading →

Clouds Heading Towards – Wordless Wednesday

My clouds heading towards your sky ~ Accidental Blogger My Blog schedule is totally messed up right now. As I had mentioned in my previous posts that I might be irregular here, but I’m trying to try my best to… Continue Reading →

My Silence Blooms

Let me take you to a place where my silence blooms and thoughts float away along the clouds ~ Accidental Blogger I just wrote this lines 4 minutes ago. Makes sense? Also, the picture is clicked 2 weeks back. So,… Continue Reading →

Obsessed With The Sky – Wordless Wednesday

Why are you so obsessed with the sky, someone askedBecause it changes all the timeyet stays over there,unlike people. ~ Accidental Blogger A recently clicked picture of sky with a thought that I had thought few months back. I often… Continue Reading →

Sky Reflection On Water

The clouds were flowing and the river stood still – Accidental Blogger Finally, a new picture which isn’t taken from the terrace. I clicked this on 1st July when I went to the city after almost 3 months. It was… Continue Reading →

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