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Hands Poem

I wish we could stop timeeverytime I kissed youwish i could just freeze it and never make it run againto end this moment we have I wish everytime you touched my facewith your both handsI ended up writing poems on… Continue Reading →

Chemical Reaction – Poem Inspired By Chemical Hearts Movie

Love, it’s a chemical reactionthat comes and goes When I fell for you the first timeI didn’t even know that I didIt just happenedlike a chemical reaction in a lab full of clueless teenagerswearing oversized lab coats But do chemical… Continue Reading →

Awkward Silence – Poem

When we meetI don’t want it to beA fancy restaurant or noisy cafeI will fail to look inside your soulor hear your heart out Let’s meet somewhere on earthwith limitless sky or an endless Oceanin frontwith you & your words… Continue Reading →

I Want To Write – Poem

I want to write something for youA Poem, a Rhyme, a Songsomething to which you can relatefeel each & every word I write Few words which has power ofbreaking your heart into countless piecesalso mending them togetheras it used to… Continue Reading →

Masaan – Poem

While I lie down on a rocky ground by the river of Ganga at banaras A train approaches the bridge ahead of my sight Which reverberates in rhythm of your poem I failed to understand Since the wheel of bus… Continue Reading →

YOU – Poem

You know when I write ‘you’ in my poems it always means ‘you’ I lie and call it fiction twist my words coat them with metaphors so you wont know that I haven’t stopped writing about you when I write… Continue Reading →

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