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Top 5 Rules Of Gym

Hello Everyone! Finally, I’m writing an article related to fitness. I wanted to write this article from so long but kept giving other articles preference. Anyway, let’s just start this article right away. If you’re gym-goer, you must have come… Continue Reading →

One Year Of Transformation

April 19th 2018 , Finally I opened my gallery searched an old image & selected it for a Collage. Next I selected a recent picture with the same shirt on which was way too loose than older picture. And that’s… Continue Reading →

The One Who Writes

The one who writes about “Loving yourself”, can’t stop hating himself. The one who writes about “Positive thinking”, can’t stop negative thoughts. The one who writes about “discipline”, snoozes alarm every morning. The one who writes about “fitness”, haven’t worked… Continue Reading →

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