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Facade – Poem

Why do I do what I do?Is there a way I could do it the other way?Why did I do what I did?Was there a way I could’ve done it other way? These questions keep me awakeI don’t know if… Continue Reading →

Tired – Poem

I’m tired of tryinghow far do i need to runand still end up where I began I wake up everydaywith a hope borrowed froma glorified past i used to live inimitating the old selfthat breathed griefand sweated fire Now there… Continue Reading →

I’m Losing Myself – Poem

I can’t afford to lose youso I’m losing myself I drop parts of mewhen I walk away from your placeparts that crave being cravedby yours The roads that I walkbreaks apartburying those partsinto the core of this planetso there is… Continue Reading →

What’s Next? – Poem

Do I have anything left to write?I don’t think I’m sad anymore(if that’s what got me started)or even happy to be honestI’m justcaught up, I guess I keep my schedule tightput things on my plate until they start spilling& make… Continue Reading →

Obsessed All Over Again – Poem

I won’t romanticize pain tonightthis isn’t a poem about a broken thinga heart, a brain, a boneor about the beauty of lovethat doesn’t last (there isn’t any) Let me write about the Band I’m obsessed all over againTwo boys,I spin… Continue Reading →

Cursor – Poem

Cursor on my notepad stares at the white screen, blank face, empty heart a lost soul in the middle of December night It asks, Why you can’t type anything tonight? I say, you only read the words but can’t understand… Continue Reading →

What Am I To You – Poem About Fake Friendship

What am I to you Who am I to you A friend in need or a friend indeed ? Someone whom you chase when everyone else is left behind and someone whom you call out when everyone else is out… Continue Reading →

RIP Self Respect – Poem

I often find myself pushing away people As I know, I end up clinging too much And try hard to go back in memories without a time machine They say people change (I say it too) and you can’t do… Continue Reading →

Battle With My Demons – Poem

Everyday I wake up and head back to the battleground to battle with my demons I see them going away leaving me off in peace Yet, I chase them down only to get beaten once again My Mistakes, Regrets, Fears… Continue Reading →

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