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I’m Losing Myself – Poem

I can’t afford to lose youso I’m losing myself I drop parts of mewhen I walk away from your placeparts that crave being cravedby yours The roads that I walkbreaks apartburying those partsinto the core of this planetso there is… Continue Reading →

My Rainbow – Poem

People change.they often do for a reasonmeaningful onesbut I can’teven with a million reasons to change You start walking a different path one dayand then someone who walked all the waysby your side, along those highs & lowsturns their backall… Continue Reading →

When Do I Write Better? – Poem

Do I write better when I’m sador when I’m in love? These days, I doubt if i can ever write againit’s like I’m drained outnothing left to pour outmaybe I’m hollow I see these people once thought to be mineand… Continue Reading →

The Pillow – An Incomplete Poem

Do you remember the pillow on my bed? The one whom I slept holding tight when you weren’t around I named it after you even how childish it sounded kept it beside me even how clingy it looked One fine… Continue Reading →

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