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People In My Life – Poem

I feel,people in my life have better people in their lives Don’t know where I standif all they say, do to meand make me feel isjust an actto gain somethingin some way or the otherbecauseisn’t that is all aboutfor everyonealmost… Continue Reading →

Wish My Poems Were More Artistic

Sometimes I wish my poems were more artistic featured with cliched aesthetic backgrounds like hand holding a sunflower birds flying through b/w clouds face hidden behind the books I adore sky painted pink using Photoshop or a rainbow in the… Continue Reading →

Droplets Refusing To Drop

Levitating deep under the rainwater but all I want is to dive inside the droplets refusing to drop off your lower lip. ~ Accidental Blogger Can anybody still see this on their feeds? With my inconsistent blogging schedule, I doubt… Continue Reading →

Desperate – Collab Poem

The worst feeling?That feeling of being a desperatemakes me wanna apologisefor the words I spelledthe air I breathe in Tonight, I’ve gathered all of my dying courageto write this down to everyonefor how I bothered them allwith my existence The… Continue Reading →

Clouds Heading Towards – Wordless Wednesday

My clouds heading towards your sky ~ Accidental Blogger My Blog schedule is totally messed up right now. As I had mentioned in my previous posts that I might be irregular here, but I’m trying to try my best to… Continue Reading →

I’m Losing Myself – Poem

I can’t afford to lose you so I’m losing myself I drop parts of me when I walk away from your place parts that crave being craved by yours The roads that I walk breaks apart burying those parts into… Continue Reading →

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