Hello everyone !

I have been nominated for Sunshine blogger award by Adithya ( Thought for change) . Thank you Adithya for nominating me .

It’s been a month I have started blogging & I’d say that best person/blogger I’ve met here is her . She’s been helping me wholeheartedly .

If you haven’t checked her blog yet , do it now .😊

The Rules For Sunshine Blogger Award

  • Thank to the person that nominated you.
  • Link the post back to them.
  • Display the picture on your post.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.
  • Provide 11 questions for your nominees.

Questions asked :
1. Have you ever tried to impress someone and failed miserably?

Ans: No, I’ve never tried impressing anyone . I’m busy in impressing myself.
2. One thing that you never ever wanna do?

Ans: I never want to cheat on someone or do fraud .
3. How much do you enjoy blogging?

Ans : As I said earlier it’s been just a month I’ve started blogging. It’s really new for me . But one thing that I’ve experienced is that Blogging rather I’d say writing my heart out makes me feel light. I don’t know how I should put it in words , I have a lot of thoughts going on my mind so by putting them here I feel light .
4. What’s the best ever blog post that you’ve ever read?

Ans :

These are my recent favourite blogs .
5. If you could’ve been a superhero who would you be?

Ans: If I could be a superhero then I’d love to be Iron man ❀. As he’s a self made superhero that’s what I love about him .

6. Are you an obsessive thinker? If yes why do you think so?

Ans: Hell yeah ! I think a lot . I am an obsessive thinker of that level ,sometimes I feel everything around me is just an illusion . I think about lot of things but I find hard to express , but writing my thoughts has been helping me .

7. Which is the one animal which you are most afraid of?

Ans : Lizards . This are the creepiest creature in the world .

8.If you were given a chance to meet any three of your fellow blogging friends who would that be and why?

Ans: Why 3? I would love to meet all of them , at least once in my life .

9. What is your craziest dream/ wish?

Ans: I have recently wrote a blog about my crazy/weird dream which is ” To grow old soon & get retired from my work” . My crazy dream.
10. What’s your favorite food?

Ans: Anything cooked by my Mother.

11. What’s your most favorite word?

Ans : Can’t name a one favourite word. For me Words of Appreciation for my work encourages me to do better.

My Nominees :

1. Growing Pains

2. Kranti

3. Shantanu

4. Arushi

5. Alisha

6. RainyShadows

7.Motivate & free

8. Lolsyslibrary

9. Aruna

10. Angana

My Questions

  1. Why do you write blogs?
  2. What are Top 5 lessons you’ve learned in your life?
  3. Are you an Introvert/Extrovert?
  4. Who’s your favourite Music band?
  5. What’s best book you’ve read & like to recommend others?
  6. What’s best life advice you ever got from someone?
  7. Name your favourite festival.
  8. Describe moment when you were proud of yourself.
  9. Which is that one movie which has inspired you the most?
  10. Are you a health conscious or a food freak?
  11. If you have read my blogs , what’s your favourite blog written by me ?

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚