Sunrise or sunset picture

Sunrise or Sunset – Happy 2020

Hello Everyone!

First post of 2020 is here ! First of all, a Very Happy New Year to all of you. May this year fulfills all of your Dreams & desires.

I’m back with a Sky picture finally. So what is in this picture ? A Sunrise or Sunset?

Let me answer without wasting any time. This is clicked just before sunset of a warm May evening.

Just when I thought that I didn’t have any pictures to post, I found this one. And it’s not that bad, I guess.

I hope this year I’ll keep clicking more pictures, writing articles and poems as much as I can.

2019 has been an amazing year for my writing. I believe my writing has improved as compared to when I started. And it’s all because of talented and kind people on WordPress.

Thank you so much for inspiring me always !

Here’s a little message for you on this new year

I hope this new year brings you
a Sunset of all the negative thoughts, worries and pain from the past year

And Sunrise so fresh and warm
full of light, peace and love
like you’ve never experienced before

Thank you for reading and have an amazing new year !

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