Sunny Morning at Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Sunny Morning at Taj Mahal, Agra

Hey everyone!

It’s been ages since I uploaded last picture on my blog. Well, things have been quite hectic this days. Anyway, good thing is I’m back to posting regularly again.

A Memorable Trip

This picture was taken at Taj Mahal, Agra during College trip I went last year (Same month). I have already uploaded multiple pictures of Taj Mahal from different angles.

Taj – Wordless Wednesday

Wonders of ages – Taj Mahal

Kau Ban Mosque – Taj Mahal

To be honest, this isn’t a perfect picture. My phone was tilted which can be clearly seen.

But what I like about this picture is the bird flying at perfect time. Love how natural it feels and it takes me back to the moment I clicked it. One of my friends & I were competing at “Who clicks better pictures” . It was fun!

And I just realised how fast this year has ended. So many things have happened in last 12 months. Good, bad, best, worst and all.

How was your 2019? Describe it in few words in the section.

Also let me know what you feel about this picture.

Good News

My body transformation journey featured on GQ India magazine.

They read my Quora answer on Fat to fit transformation which I wrote a year ago. And then contacted me for further process of publishing my story.

I’m so glad and proud to share my story on such an amazing magazine like GQ India.

Here’s the link to full article

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