Summer is finally here !

Are you guys enjoying summer or not?

That might sound little silly question to many as most of the people don’t like Summer. Especially when temperature is rising everyday. And it’s seriously getting too hot.

But for me ,summer always has been a nostalgic season. It takes me back in time when I was small & How eagerly I used to wait for summers.

So in this post, I’ll sharing my Best memories of summer.

Best Memories From Summer

1. Vacations :

The reason why I loved summer since I was a kid was Vacations. The whole year I used to wait for summers to enjoy holidays. I’m sure all of you too always waited for Summer vacations. Finally , it used be a break from studies & school. And there was no one to stop me from Playing outside or watching TV or anything. Even though now I don’t have summer vacations still every summer takes me back to the childhood & makes me feel happy.
2. Playing Cricket

Vacations were incomplete without cricket. It was my favourite sport to play & I still miss playing it. I remember as vacation started I would go at ground with my friends & play cricket. Even though it used to be so hot but still we enjoyed it. I still miss those hot sunny mornings when we got out of the house with Bat & ball wearing caps on our heads to play our heart out in the ground.
3. IPL

As I just mentioned my love for cricket , how can I not talk about IPL (Indian Premier League). One of the reason why I still love summers is IPL. Still remember when first season was about to start & how me & my friends used to discuss about all the teams. I was so happy at that time because Shahrukh Khan (My favourite actor) was owner of one of the team. No doubt, it was my favourite team. All these years, the tournament has gotten better & better. I still watch every match with same excitement. And now I don’t have a particular favourite team as there is at least one player in every team whom I like.
4. Family

My & my brother’s most favorite part of summer vacations was going to our relatives’ place. Even before vacation started we used to start our plannings about what we are going to do when we get there & how we are going to enjoy our time with family. So every night we used to talk about our memories about previous vacations. Also , we both loved traveling by train & we even used to discuss about what we are going to do during the train journey. I think my best time of childhood was spent with my whole family & it is something which I’ll never forget. Now , things have changed. Mostly I’ve my exams in summers so it’s hard to visit relatives now. But excitement of meeting them has not changed yet.
5. Food

Oh food ! Damn. Instead I should say Fruit i.e. Mango. I’m sure many of you wait for summers to eat mangoes. I actually love homemade mango juice with papad. That’s how we have mango juice & it’s my favorite thing. I’m not sure how many of you have had mango juice like that. Guess what? I just had my first Mango juice with papad 2 days back & I can’t wait to have more. And yeah, Ice-creams. Well ,we can’t eat them in other seasons but summer is the best time to have a cold & tasty Ice creams. What’s your flavour by the way?

Final Thoughts

This is why summer has always been a special season of all & it will stay forever. It holds all of my sweet & happy moments from childhood. Whether it is having fun with my friends, watching my favorite cricket league, having my favourite food or spending best moments with my family.

Do you have same connection with summer? What are your memories with summer? Share them in comment section below.

Thank you for reading & Have a beautiful Summer ❀️

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