Stop trying to figure out life article

Yes, stop trying to figure out life. You, won’t.

No matter who told you to do so. Even the most successful or happiest person on this planet haven’t figured it out. Everyone is still looking for answers to know what makes them happy.

We all read & listen from Influencers, speakers, bloggers, etc who promotes this idea. To figure out what we want in life, our highest & true purpose of life so that we can live a peaceful & happy life.

They tell you to spend time alone, do meditation (I support it though), make list of your goals, your strengths, your weakness, visualize your desires and what not.

So that you can find yourself & figure out your life.

There are people around me who I think have figured it out. Also, there are people who thinks I’ve figured it out. But none of us haven’t.

No one has figured it out.

Let’s assume that you did it. You know what you want in life that makes you happy & satisfied. You have it all planned out what to do every day & you’re doing it too.

How does it sound? Even though it sounds super-productive, it is too easy, certain & monotonous. You’ll soon get tired of it.

The most beautiful thing about life is it’s uncertainty.

Writing and blogging happened to me accidentally. And it’s the best thing happened in my life. I had no idea this will mean so much to me and change almost every area of my life. I feel like I have a little purpose in my life (Not sure for how long)

If I had planned to write poetry or articles already, it wouldn’t have changed me to this extent. It wouldn’t have increased my self confidence or got me out of my comfort zone like I’m doing now.

Maybe within few years, months or even days writing won’t be this important to me. Well, who knows? I might find something else that will feel more meaningful.

You never know !

So, stop buying that idea of figuring out life all at once. Let life be a mysterious journey that brings all kind of experiences. Happy, sad, peaceful, heartbreaking, depressing and every existing adjective that fits with life.

Mark my words, you’ll never figure it out. You’ll always crave for something more when you have already achieved it all.

Instead enjoy the beauty of uncertainty of life & live it .

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