Stop playing the Blame game right now. Yes, you need to put that remote control down and stop wasting your time with this stupid game. How and why? Let’s dive deep to know.

Hello everyone!

As title suggests, I’m asking you to stop blaming others right now. Because I know you do it. I do it and we all do it. And we all need to stop doing it.

First we will try to understand what is actually a blame game.

What Is Blame Game?

Stop playing blame game

No, it’s not any latest addictive game which is driving kids crazy. It’s a natural habit of humans where they blame others for the problems they are facing or have faced earlier in their life.

Actually, we all have played this game since a long time and still playing it. Because it’s easy and a great stress reliever too.

This is what makes the Blame game so addictive. Because we don’t have to accept our mistakes and improve here. Instead, we get to hold others responsible for our mistakes.

Why To Stop Playing Blame Game?

why to stop playing the blame game

Why should we stop doing something which is actually an easy thing to get away from our mistakes, right? Not right, absolutely wrong.

Let’s understand why in a better organized way.

1. To Realise Your Mistakes

Blame game let’s you blame others and complain about something which has happened due to your mistakes. This might save you from Self – hatred or self – blaming but it will never help you to realise your mistakes.

Everyday, we all are blaming someone/something, be it our Friends, Family, Job, College, Society, Government, etc. However, Some might be for genuine reasons and some might not be.

Blaming others will never let us realise our mistakes. If something doesn’t goes well as we thought, it means we have made mistakes. Yes, sometimes others can be responsible for it too. But most of the times it’s us who is responsible.

Hence, we need to be little courageous and accept our mistakes before pointing fingers towards others.

2. To Not Harm Others’ Peace

Not always you’re the only person responsible for any negative event in your life. Others make mistakes too, which can cause harm to your life.

Making them realise their mistakes honestly must be done. But blaming that person and making them feel bad about themselves is not acceptable at all.

You never know how your words will affect that person’s mental health. Maybe that person has already realised his/her mistakes and feeling guilty about them. You blaming or complaining will only make it worse for them to get over those mistakes and improve.

Therefore, you must always be careful with your words and behavior with others. Make them realise their mistakes in a polite way.

3. To Not Waste Your Energy

Blaming/complaining requires a lot of energy (negative energy) to be spent in huge amount. While blaming someone else you’re doing harm to yourself the most.

Most of the times ,we are complaining about things which we cannot control. Even though we know that no amount of blaming something or someone won’t help, yet we waste our precious energy and time over it.

The energy which needs to be spent on doing something productive or something to make others as well as ourselves happy, is spent on senseless complaints on uncontrollable things by us.

Here, we need to stop and accept the fact that everything won’t be as we wish it to be. So it’s better to save our energy in doing some meaningful work.

But how to stop blaming ???

How To Stop Playing Blame Game ?


We just saw why we need to stop blaming others and how it affects badly on others as well as ourselves.

Now, let’s see how to do it.

1. Accept Your Mistakes

Accepting your mistakes is harder than finding them in others

First and most difficult step to stop blaming others is to accept your mistakes first. It takes courage to accept your own mistakes than finding others’.

Accepting your mistakes will allow you to look at the issue you’re facing in a different perspective.

And you will stop playing the blame game as you know that you’ve made mistakes and you can’t hold one person responsible for anything.

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2. Question Yourself

Whenever, you find yourself blaming someone or something, take a deep breath and ask some questions to yourself.

Did I make any mistakes? Have I tried to listen to what other person has to say? Have I tried to understand their situation?

Ask yourself these questions to know if blaming that person is really a right thing or not. As a result , you will definitely go to the root of the issue and you two might even solve that issue with the help of each other. That too without blaming any one of you.

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3. Take Action On Mistakes

When you finally accept your mistakes and get answers to all of the questions to yourself, you need to take action on those.

There are some mistakes which can be corrected and which can’t. Identify the ones which still can get corrected and correct them right away.

On the other hand, the mistakes which can’t get corrected, keep them as a lesson with yourself. You need to get over them, learn from them and move on.

For every mistakes you’ve done, Apologise to others and make sure that you won’t repeat them again.

Final Thoughts

Blame game is nothing but an addictive game which might give little pleasure but in return does much damage to ourselves. Be it in terms of wastage of time/energy or harming our mental health.

I hope this article makes all of us realise why and how we need to stop blaming others and focus on improving our mistakes first.

Thank you for reading! Do share this if you think it’s valuable.

Do you blame others? How do you deal with it? Let me know in comment section below.

[Reposted on 10th December, Originally posted on 29th June 2019]

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