If you’re mad at someone right now, read this till the end.

Be it for a reason or no reason, being mad at someone will always affect you more than the other person. The more you think negative about someone, more negativity gets attracted to you.

So if you are someone who gets mad at people easily and finds it hard to forgive & move on, then this is just for you.

We all get mad at others, right? Also ,others often get mad at us too. It can be someone from our family, the person we love, our best friend or a stranger as well.

But is it really worth getting mad at someone & then let it destroy our own peace ?

What Does Getting Mad At Someone Really Mean?

Meaning of getting mad at someone

Getting mad is feeling of anger, disappointment or being upset due to a person’s actions or words. When a person gets angry or disappointed by other person, it is called as getting mad.

Most of the times people get mad at each other over silly or little things. And these are the things which later damages meaningful relationships.

For example: A close friend of yours has cancelled a plan to go out then you get mad at him/her. Then you spend many days of being mad.

If you look at it practically there is hardly anything to be upset about. Still people are mad at each other all the time. Why? Because people choose silent treatment as an answer to the problem instead of simply speaking about what has hurt them.

This is how such silly things later turns out to be the reason for broken relationships or friendships.

Why You Should Stop Getting Mad?

Stop getting mad over little things

I know you’re thinking that getting mad at someone is a natural human reaction & there’s not much wrong in it , right? Well , you’re right to some extent.

But have you ever thought how getting mad at someone affects YOU ?

Here’s how :

1. You Waste Your Time and Energy

You heard it right. Being mad at someone is such a draining thing to do. Because you are constantly having negative thoughts about that one person.

You end up spending a lot of your precious time in just overthinking about it for no reason. This overthinking and being angry will definitely also gonna drain you. Your energy to do other work will also gets reduced due to excessive thinking.

Having too much negative thoughts about someone can mentally drain you. Sometimes it can also affect on your physical health with issues like headache, stress, etc.

I am sure you must have heard someone calling a person as “headache“. Well, it is said because of the strong negative thoughts & emotions about that person.

2. You Lose Focus

As I just said, you’ll spend most of your time thinking about the same thing or a person. So if you have some task to complete like studying for a test or something, you won’t be able to focus.

You will get distracted by your own thoughts. Even though you might want to complete some task your mind will keep reminding you of that person or something related.

In such situations you will start thinking of the same thing over & over again. You will think about how much someone has hurt you, was it your fault or their, ways to hurt someone back & what not.

Obviously your entire focus will be on this one person who has upset you. And you’ll be distracted from what is actually important to you.

3. You Hurt People Unintentionally

When we are mad at someone & hurt deeply we also treat other people harshly. Even when they are being good to us.

I am sure it has happened to the most of you where you ended up treating people with anger for someone else’s mistakes. Then you realise it later & feel guilty.

The reason why it happens because you get so engrossed in being upset at someone or thinking about it over & over again. So it becomes so strong that it starts affecting on how you treat people around you.

Your behavior with your family , friends and other close people gets bitter. And this how you hurt other people unknowingly which makes the real problem even more complex.

4 Ways – How To Stop Getting Mad Easily

How to not get mad easily

Okay , so we just saw how being upset with someone affects your life in so many ways.

But there are people who gets mad at other very quickly even over little things. How can such person deal with this issue ?

Let’s see 3 ways simple ways :

1. Think Before You React

A lot of fights or arguments between people starts because of instant reactions by either one of them.

Many people are wired to react as soon as they hear a sentence, or sometimes even a specific word.

The problem with such reactions without any thoughts is that they are misinterpreted versions & lack any truth of what the other person really wanted to convey.

So, if you really want to stop getting upset easily with what people say to you, you need to think before you react.

Say it to yourself, “Yeah, it does sound a little offensive or hurtful but can I take a moment before drawing any conclusions ?”

This will avoid you from giving reactions out of anger or triggers and you’ll be able to handle complex situations or conversations with maturity.

2. Listen To What Others Have To Say

A simple human functionality which humans have forgotten to use. Yeah, we don’t want to listen anymore. We are so much into proving ourselves right that we don’t even try to listen to the truth.

So what you need to do is, first listen to other person. You might be taken back by something but hang on & try to listen what other person has to say. You must listen to his/her side of the story before drawing any conclusions.

No, I am not justifying what they did to you. But you must understand that everyone have their own reasons to act or behave a certain way. Maybe, you were also hurting them unknowingly or maybe not.

Always listen to what someone has to say & then decide how you will handle the situation.

3. Change Your Perspective

When you’re done listening to that person, you need get into his/her shoes. Don’t exchange your shoes please literally, lol. I’m sure you know what I mean.

You need to change your perspective and think you being at other person’s position. Then ask yourself if you would have done the same thing or not.

And it doesn’t mean they will be always right. You might still see something wrong being in their position. It is okay, you don’t need to punish them or try teaching them any lesson. It is pointless.

All you have to do is ask yourself whether this person or the issue deserves your attention & effort or not.

4. Forgive And Let It Go

It is easy to say but tough to do. Especially when you are deeply hurt and disappointed by someone. You must take your time get over it but don’t become to harsh on someone.

Like I just said in the previous point, the other might be actually wrong, but that doesn’t mean its your job to improve them in any way. You don’t need to start hating that person & decide never to forgive & forget.

Life is too short to be mad at others

Take your own time to heal and forgive that person. It will make your relationship even stronger than before. But if that person is not accepting his/her mistakes, let it be.

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Final Thoughts

Most of times, we get mad at people over little things which aren’t even worth getting mad at.

And this causes so much of stress, negativity & distraction. The short and simple reason why you need to stop getting mad is for yourself. For your own Health, Mental Health and Your Happiness.

It’s not possible to Stop getting mad at all. But you can always try to control it. This way you won’t be spending your precious time and energy for being mad at silly things.

If you are mad at someone right now, I really hope that you change your mind after reading this. And if someone is mad at you then share this article with them. ( Let me know if it helps)

How you deal with getting mad ? Do you forgive & forget easily? Let’s talk in comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

(Reposted 30th October 2020, Originally Posted 31st May 2019)

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