Stop Getting Mad right now. You wanna know How ? Read this till the end.

Hello Everyone

Do you get mad at people easily?

Do you find hard to forgive & forget?

Do you spend so much time being mad/angry with people?

If Yes , then you must read this till the end. I’m sure you’ll know why I am asking you to “Stop getting mad

So , Today we are talking about getting mad. We all get mad at others, right? Also ,others often get mad at us too. Then the person who is mad at someone ,takes his/her own time to forgive the person. Sometimes this can be too long.

Let’s start with What does getting mad mean?

What Is Getting Mad?

Getting mad is feeling of anger, disappointment due to a person. When a person gets angry or disappointed by other person, it is called as getting mad.

For example: A close friend of yours has cancelled a plan to go out then you get mad at him/her. Then you spend many days of being mad.

This is just one example, there are so many reasons for which we get mad at others. Even for so small things which doesn’t even matter that much.

Why To Stop Getting Mad?

Stop getting mad

I know you’re thinking that getting mad at someone is a natural human reaction & there’s not much wrong in it , right? Well , you’re right to some extent. It is a natural reaction of anger & disappointment. But have you ever thought what happens to yourself when you’re mad at others?

  1. You Waste Time and Energy – You heard it right. Being mad at someone is such a consuming thing. Because you are constantly having negative thoughts about that one person. You might spend a lot of your precious time in just overthinking about it for no reason. This overthinking and being angry will definitely also gonna drain you. Your energy to do other work will also get low.
  2. You Lose Focus – As I just said, you’ll spend most of your time thinking about the same thing. So if you have some task to complete like studying for a test or something, you won’t be able to focus. You will get distracted by your own thoughts. So, you won’t be able to do what you want to.
  3. You Hurt People – What? Yes , you heard it right. Being mad at someone for getting hurt can hurt others. When you’re mad at someone, it also affects on your overall behaviour. Your behaviour with your family , friends and other close people might be hurting. As you’re constantly being with those thoughts about one person who has hurt you, you might unknowingly hurt others.

How To Stop Getting Mad?

Okay , I know that there are people who gets mad easily & also who doesn’t. Because it also depends on the personality type of a person. But still you can control it & try to manage it.

How? Let’s see that.

  1. Listen – A simple human functionality which humans have forget to use. Yeah, we don’t want to listen anymore. We are so much into proving ourselves right that we don’t even try to listen to the truth. So what you need to do is, first listen to other person. You might be taken back by something but hang on & try to listen what other person has to say. You must listen to his/her side of the story before drawing any conclusions.
  2. Change Your Perspective – When you’re done listening to that person, you need get into his/her shoes. Don’t exchange your shoes please literally, lol. I’m sure you know what I mean. You need to change your perspective and think you being at other person’s position. Then ask yourself if you would have done the same thing or not.
  3. Forgive – It is easy to say but tough to do. Especially when you are deeply hurt and disappointed. You must take your time get over it but don’t become to harsh on someone to forgive. You don’t need to start hating that person & decide never to forgive & forget. As wise people say, “Life is too short to be mad at others” (Don’t ask me who has said this, please). Take your own time to heal and forgive that person. It will make your relationship even stronger than before.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve got to know why this post’s title says “Stop getting mad“. The short and simple reason is , do it for yourself. For your own Health, Mental Health and Your Happiness.

It’s not possible to Stop getting mad at all. But you can always try to control it. So you won’t be spending your precious time and energy for being mad at silly things.

If you are mad at someone right now, I really hope that you change your mind after reading this. And if someone is mad at you then share this article with them. ( Let me know if it helps)

How you deal with getting mad ? Do you forgive & forget easily? Let’s talk in comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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