Are you attached to something or someone?

Actually it’s such a silly question to ask. We all are attached to something. A lot of things actually. For example: Money , Clothes,Our house,Dreams, A friend, A loved one , etc ,etc.

But why this post’s title says “Stop getting attached?”

Attachment leads to disappointment ,depression & sadness.

Okay , let’s go deeper to understand about attachments & it’s effects.

What is attachment?

As I just said ,we all are attached to lot of things. Also to a lot of people too.

When I say someone is attached to money , it means that person gives importance to the money he/she has more than anything.

Or the most common attachment we all have experienced is attachment with our loved ones. In this kind of attachment one person does all he/she can to make sure that loved one stays. They are so afraid to even think about spending time without them.

And this is one of the main reason why many people are suffering from Loneliness, Sadness, Depression, Low self esteem, etc.

Why to stop getting attached?

Attachment is the source of all suffering – Buddha.

Yes ,it is the harsh truth. The more things we are attached to more we suffer.

Let’s take example of money again. If someone is attached to money then then that person will do anything to keep earning money. As the person is so attached to money he/she might choose wrong path just to get the money. Or if he/she loses money then you know what can happen to someone like that.

Another common example is attachment with a person. The reason why most of the people are not able to move on from their ex partners is Attachment. Yes , people are so attached that they can’t let go of that person even when things aren’t going as they want. All they want is to be with them.

When we get attached to something we open our self for hurt & disappointment. Attachment comes with a lot of expectations. And when they are not fulfilled we suffer.

Side effects of Attachment

  1. Low self esteem – Attachment makes you rely on something or someone else to make you happy which lowers self esteem.
  2. Lose focus – Due to attachment you put all your focus & energy on it by losing focus from many other important things in your life.
  3. Loneliness – When something to which you are attached isn’t there anymore for you, you get lonely.
  4. Low Self-confidence – As you are dependent on an external attachment to make yourself happy , you’ll end up losing self confidence once you lose what you’re attached to.

(I didn’t plan to start every side effect with “L” .)

How to stop getting attached?

To be honest , we can’t stop getting attached. It’s natural for all of us to get attached to a lot of things.

But how can we protect our self from getting hurt by it? Yeah , there are few ways.

  • Be Careful – You’ve to be careful whenever you feel like you’re getting attached to something/someone.
  • Ask Yourself – Ask yourself if it’s healthy for you before you get attached to anything. Take your time & think wisely.
  • Practice Solitude – Best skill anyone can have is “Learn to be happy alone”. Spend time alone & do things which you love to make yourself happy.
  • Chase Your Dreams – Stop chasing meaningless attachments. Instead chase your dreams. Work consistently for it & turn them into reality.

Final Words

The less attached you are, the more peaceful you are.

I hope this post makes you understand why attachment is the source of suffering. Everything I’ve written in this post is based on my true experience. It took a lot of time for me to understand all this.

I don’t support detaching yourself from anything or anyone. Because it’s impossible & also unhealthy. We all have to stop relying on the attachments. So whenever you lose that attachment , you don’t lose yourself.

What are your thoughts on Attachments?

Also , Is the post too long?Should I write smaller posts?

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