Start thinking on your own if you haven't yet

When was the last time you thought about something on your own ?

You might say something like “I am thinking all the time“.

No, not that way.

I mean when did you think about a certain topic without being influenced by others’ thoughts or opinions or views.

I know that happens rarely. Here’s why thinking for yourself is very important yet very rare.

Most of the opinions you hold in your head right now aren’t truly yours. Maybe you got them from your family members, friends, favourite actor or social media influencers, etc.

Let’s take an example

If everyone in your family is against a political party or a person then most likely you’ll be against it as well. Even when you haven’t really thought about it on your own.

But you still feel the same hate or angst for this party because the people in your house or around you constantly talk negatively about them. So, automatically you join them without giving much thought.

Then you selectively choose to be with people who match with your opinions. You only listen or read news or social media posts from such people.

And when someone comes from outside & questions your opinions with facts & proofs you can’t accept them. It feels very uncomfortable so you go back to those like minded people & try to prove other people wrong.

How exhausting is that?

Well, I see people doing this all the time. Like they have chosen their sides and people who will talk in their favor & all are fighting with others just to prove themselves right.

No, none of them really cares about the solution. All that matters to such people is the feeling of being right.


All I want to say to me and you all is that start thinking on your own. Leave those deep rooted beliefs which aren’t yours in the first place. Not just about politics but everything like your reality, people, relationships, health, nature, universe and so many things.

Don’t just follow someone else’s ideas and make them your own. Now you might feel like then why should we listen to you or even read other articles ?

I never say to follow what I say, all I do is share my thoughts about certain topics. But it’s always your choice to accept or reject. Actually I’ll be so glad if you choose to think something very different from what I write or say.

Start thinking on your own. Your thoughts don’t need to be right or accepted by people around you. But they must be yours & yours only.

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