Do you spend time with yourself ?

How much time do you spend with yourself daily ?

Or you are never able to spend time with yourself?

What do I mean by spending time with yourself?

Confused , right?

Let’s start !

Hello Everyone !

Right now , I’m writing this during my Me time. What’s my Me time?

Me time is where I spend 30 mins with just myself. I don’t talk with anyone , Don’t use my phone except sometimes I do listen music. I spend most of it doing nothing. I casually have a walk & try to release the daily stress.

I’ve made this habit of making time for myself from a year now & I think it’s one of the good habit everyone should get into.

I think Solitude makes you Independent. Once you get comfortable being with yourself, you don’t need anyone else to complete you.

Why to spend time with yourself ?

Nowadays everyone has become so much busy that they can’t even find just few minutes for themselves. We all are always busy in our day to day activities like Work , College/School . Even when we are back from our respective work we are still mentally in work related problems. We keep thinking about what went wrong during day or what is going to happen tomorrow.

And what this does is makes us tired. Not only physically tired but mentally too.

So, Why not spend few minutes of your day just to relax your body & mind?

Why not spend time with yourself & try to analyze your day carefully ?

Why not look for the positive things from your day & learn from negatives?

How to find time for yourself?

This is really important question. I see many people complaining about how hard it is to find time for themselves. Okay , I get that you are a really busy person. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t just find at least 15 mins for yourself.

So , if you are one of those who is extremely busy person here’s how you can find time for yourself :

  • Write down your daily activities & time spend on them.
  • Now , look out for those activities which aren’t productive. For ex: Spending time on social media , Watching TV , Sleeping too much or just doing nothing.
  • As you’ve successfully identified non-productive activities from your day, you can definitely limit time spent on those & make time for yourself.

How to spend this time?

By doing nothing. All you need to do is relax. Get out & feel the cool air on your skin. Look at the stars. Feel alive.

When you’re feeling relaxed , you can start thinking about your day. While analyzing day you’ve to look for the positive sides of days & also learn from the negative ones.

Also you can listen to your favourite music & enjoy it to the fullest.

But do not use your mobile during this “Me time”. Using social media during this would be the last thing you wanna do.

Final Words

Spending time with yourself & for yourself can help you in number of ways

  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Less dependent on external factors for happiness.
  • Lift your mood up.

So why not from today you start making time for yourself to just relax & be yourself ?

And if you are one of those who is afraid or bored to spend time alone , ask yourself

If I am not interested in spending time with myself , why would others be?

So , Do you spend time with yourself?

Let me know what you do in that time in the comment section below ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you for reading!

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