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Today I’ll be talking about Speaking up or you can say Expressing yourself.

Do you speak up your opinions/thoughts?

Or You keep them to yourself just to avoid embarrassment , getting judged or a conflict?

We have all been there where we wanted to say something to someone so bad but we didn’t. Because we all have been told to be nice to other people & to agree with others no matter what it is.

But not speaking up can harm you many ways that you can’t even imagine.

For example: You are in a relationship where your partner is hurting you or not paying attention to your needs. And you choose to stay quiet instead of speaking what you feel. (I’ve done this mistake)

So let’s go deep & try to understand why speaking up your thoughts is important.

What happens when you don’t speak up?

When you don’t express what you’re feeling you store all those feelings deep inside you. And this feelings start to disturb you mentally.

Soon you’ll start feeling sad, disturbed, depressed & confused without knowing reason behind it.

So this is what happened with me. I was in a relationship last year, it was going great at first (As usual).

Soon I started realizing that I’m sacrificing too much for this relationship.I wanted time for myself but I never expressed what I want & how I felt. Just to avoid any argument I kept mum.

Result? My behaviour changed a lot. I used to get stressed at unwanted & tiny issues . Further it resulted in breakup.

How to speak up?

After doing mistake of not speaking up my thoughts , I’ve learned a simple solution for it.

Speak whatever you feel about anything but with Respect .

See , when you add respect in whatever you speak other person will try to understand you. He/she will try to know why you feel this way & even try to change what made you feel this way.

Final Words :

I hope this post helped you to understand the importance of Why you should not keep your feelings/opinions to yourself”?

And from now on you’ll start speaking up .

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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