It was 2018 when I accidentally entered into the blogging world. I was totally clueless. Just followed my teacher’s advice to build a free website on WordPress which might help during my placements. But I had never thought of becoming a professional blogger.

After almost 2 years, I know that this is my thing. Right now my blog has more than 200 posts, 2000+ subscribers with some great & loyal readers and a consistent blog schedule.

I’ve been following and learning from multiple professional bloggers for a long time. And they have a certain set of skills which makes them stand out in the blogging community.

top skills to become a professional blogger

In this article, we are going to discuss about those Top 12 Blogging skills that will help you become a pro blogger.

Let’s dive into that.

Top 13 Skills To Become A Professional Blogger

1. Patience

patience while blogging

Patience is the most important skill, not just for blogging but in life as well.

Success in any field doesn’t come quickly. You need to have that patience to keep doing your work even when you can’t see any results.

In blogging, your stats won’t get a spike in its traffic within a month or even a year in some cases. You won’t get thousands of subscribers in a specific amount of time either.

You might be doing everything right yet the results will not be there. Because blogging is complicated.

When you start a blog, you don’t really know what you’ll be writing, how often you’ll, what will work, what kind of readers you’ll have, etc. Basically, every blogger is clueless at the beginning.

But when you keep blogging consistently without shying away from a few setbacks, you start to know about what works for you. You understand what you should be doing more of and what not. That’s how you become a better blogger by learning from your own success and failures.

It takes a lot of writing, publishing, researching, experimenting and failing to finally know what you’re good at as a blogger.

That’s why, Patience is the most important skill you’ll need to become a professional blogger.

2. Writing Skill

Writing is the basic skill that you need for blogging.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a great command over a certain language or grammar. Basic knowledge about a language which can help you to deliver what you want to say is enough.

If you scroll way down on my blog, you’ll find articles written with poor English, limited vocabulary and a lot of grammatical mistakes. And that’s okay, it’s so important to make mistakes in anything new you start.

And when you look at my recent articles, they have definitely improved than the older ones.

Just like any other skill, writing can be improved by practice. What is practice? Writing and publishing posts regularly on your blog will keep improving your writing skill.

Also, reading content from various Blogs, Books, Newspapers, etc will also help you to become a better writer and blogger.

If you want to be a professional blogger then building a great writing skill has to be one of you topmost priorities.

3. Networking

Networking is important to make you a professional blogger

Networking is forming meaningful connection with your fellow bloggers. The people who have been blogging for longer than you, the ones who have more blogging experience than you.

Talking about my experience with networking, I’ve gained so much knowledge, loyal readers and multiple opportunities because of it. As soon as I started blogging, I was talking a lot with my fellow bloggers.

First, it helped me to learn the basics of blogging and later I started helping others who were just starting out. I still do that and it feels great to help someone.

How Networking Can Make You A Better Blogger?

There are so many people who have made it in the blogging world, they are the living source of all the important information that you need being a passionate and new blogger. But if you don’t reach out to them you won’t have access to such valuable resources.

I’m grateful for the kind and amazing people I’ve met during my journey. Networking is what helped me to get my first content writing internship, then I ended up doing more internships with different people.

Don’t shy away, just go and learn from these people. You’ll find so many successful bloggers who are willing to help you become a successful blogger.

4. Photo Editing

Pictures are something which makes your blog posts more appealing to the readers. Obviously, they must be appropriate and related to the post.

When you search for something on Google which link do you click on?

The one with an attractive and appropriate picture, right?

A blogger needs to blog by keeping the reader in his/her mind. You need to look from the readers point of view every time you write a blog post or select and edit pictures for them.

Photo editing isn’t as complex as we think. Especially when we have access to some great editing apps like Canva.

I don’t know why but most bloggers are not comfortable with editing their featured images for a blog post. Yes, your first picture won’t be the best but with time you’ll get better at picking the right theme, fonts and size.

Plus, there’s a huge amount of helpful and free tutorials on YouTube and Google which will teach you how to edit pictures and give a professional look to your blog.

I highly recommend the Canva app. It’s too good. For a long time, I wasn’t using it to its potential. Recently, I have started promoting my blog on Pinterest and creating pins everyday is improving my photo editing skills a lot.

So yeah, get that app and start editing now.

5. Reading

importance of reading for bloggers

To explain the importance of reading, let me take you back to time before I started blogging.

6 months prior to creating my blog, I was reading a lot on the internet. I always have this habit of searching on Google and finding answers to my queries. I used to read a lot of articles on the internet on different topics. At the same time I started reading on Quora and then there was no coming back.

There was a time when I was using Quora more than any other apps on my phone. And I still do.

The point is, reading helped me know what will work on a reader and what won’t. In case of quora, there are so many answers on the same question but only one gets the most upvotes. Why? Because it is easy to read, informative and structured well.

You see how reading helped me to understand the difference between good content and bad content.

The more you read, the better you’ll write.

That’s why you need to start reading a lot. It can be articles, magazines, newspapers, books, Quora or Reddit. There’s content written on almost every topic you can think of, you just need to type that in your google search.

There you go.

6. Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of blogging which helps your blog to get attention.

A Blog which is created a few days back won’t attract so many readers and followers. So, you’ll need to have quality content written over your blog first. But great content alone won’t do the whole job, you need social media platforms to promote.

Platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are widely used around the world, so these are great options to start with.

You can easily add a link to your blog in your profile. The best thing about such social media sites is they can increase the reach of your content, even make it go viral.

And you get the opportunity to gain and create a new set of audience on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. I’ve used Instagram to promote my blog for a long time and I’ve a totally different set of readers there.

The skill of Social media will help your blog get noticed by new people and you’ll also learn how to use the platform effectively. Plus the internet is filled with guides with answers to all of your “how to” queries. So, it is not that hard to learn using any new platform.

7. Seo

SEO sounds like a scary term to many bloggers. Yes, I found it scary and complicated too. But in reality, it’s not as complicated as bloggers think.

The reason why so many people are scared of this term is because everyone keeps talking about SEO as an important factor to rank on Google. They use terms like Keyword Research, Link Building, Backlinks, On-page seo, off-page seo. Then newbies easily get discouraged by thinking they have so much to do to achieve blogging success.

Yes, Seo is important but it’s also simple when you learn & apply it systematically. Right now the internet is full of useful content about Seo practices that every blogger needs to perform. So, it’s not that hard to get the right information.

No one becomes a SEO expert or professional blogger in a matter of months. Everyone starts from the scratch because that’s how it all works.

Talking about my experience with SEO, I started with On-page SEO which is the easiest and basic. A lot of my articles which are ranking on Google are getting good amount of views just because of On-page SEO. (I still haven’t worked that much on Off-page SEO).

I would highly suggest that if you’re a beginner trying to make it big in the blogging industry, start learning and experimenting with On-page SEO practices. Then dig deeper into other topics as time progresses.

8. Good Research Skills

Like I just mentioned, you’ve got a huge pool of information about anything and everything. Most of it might not be useful but some of it will be perfect for you. And when you’ve good research skills you’ll be able to pick the right information and get the most out of it.

So, let’s say you are trying to learn about On-Page Seo. You’ll get 100s of results when you type the term in google search with Guides, videos, courses, Infographics, etc. Which one to choose then?

To choose the right information you’ll have to intensively search, go through multiple websites, watch videos, read guides, analyze reviews and recommendations by other people. That’s how you’ll be able to find the right kind of information about a topic you need to learn about.

A proper research will narrow down your search and you’ll end up with a handful yet high quality resources to choose from.

When you’re trying to improve your blogging skills you must make sure that you’re consuming content which is authentic, correct and provides great value.

Don’t fall for numbers, look for quality content.

9. Problem Solving

No, this isn’t about mathematics. Don’t worry.

These are problems or errors faced by your blog. It can be as simple as changing your blog address or heading, enabling or disabling comments, resolving search console errors, etc.

Here, you just don’t need to be good at research but also in finding solutions to the problems encountered while blogging. And let me tell you Google has answers to every problem your blog will face.

Because so many bloggers like you go through similar issues and errors when they are beginners. So, all you need to do is research and find solutions. Google, YouTube, Quora are your saviours here.

Don’t lose hope if you face challenges during the initial days of blogging. Instead take them as a great opportunity to learn more and move closer towards becoming a professional blogger.

10. Editing, Editing and Editing

No one can write a perfect blog post in one go. A blogger has re-read and edit the blog post multiple times before hitting that publish button.

The skill of editing Blog posts is a great way to produce quality content for your blog. When you check your own content before publishing it, you’ll come across many mistakes to correct. Also, there’s a high possibility that you may get new ideas to add in the exciting article which will improve its quality.

This happens a lot with me. I often write articles for my blog in advance and then I make sure to go through it several times to double check and I modify some part of it and add additional points as well.

Also, editing old blog posts and making them better by including more & updated content is an awesome way to get more traffic for your blog.

11. Consistency

Most professional bloggers have one skill in common which is being consistent. These bloggers have a fixed blogging schedule and they publish fresh content consistently.

Don’t you look at consistent bloggers as the serious and professional ones? That’s right. When you post content regularly it makes you blog look organized and your readers respect you as well.

This doesn’t mean you need to publish new posts too often. A professional blogger will never compromise the quality of content over anything. So, don’t publish too much content in the name of consistency.

Try out different schedules, test your writing skills, and even challenge yourself at times. That’s how you need to come up with a perfect blogging schedule to be a consistent blogger.

12. Time Management

Blogging isn’t just a random time passing activity. To be more specific, professional blogging takes a lot of time. There are a lot of things apart from writing which are time consuming.

So time management is a must skill for every serious blogger. When I started my blog I would write articles within an hour or two. I never checked grammar, spelling mistakes or re-read them.

Obviously, they were not up to the mark.

But as time and my blog progressed, I started getting serious about delivering better content. And soon blogging became time consuming (Not complaining).

Yes, blogging involves various activities like coming up with new topics, keyword research, writing the actual post, editing pictures, seo, promoting on different platforms, learning and improving, etc.

Huh! a lot of work.

So, you must be good with managing those 24 hours of a day. Because you would need to make sure you’ve enough time for other important parts of your life other than blogging.

You shouldn’t distract yourself from studies, family, friends or your job.

13. Commitment

Commitment is a skill which will keep you pushing even when you come across multiple setbacks.

In blogging, success is not something you can achieve in a specific amount of time. It takes years of hard work, self belief and sheer commitment to finally rank on Google or make money online.

So, you must know and tell yourself that you need to be committed to put your best efforts if you really want to be a professional and a successful blogger.

I’ve seen so many bloggers leaving their blogs after seeing less traffic or engagement for their blog posts. Yes, not everyone wants to make it a profession but it doesn’t mean they can’t do it. Many people start blogging thinking it’s a quick way to earn money online, and soon they get proved wrong.

To achieve long term success in blogging or any other field, commitment is one of the most important skills that one needs to have.

Final Words

I think a lot of you will be overwhelmed after reading such a long list of skills to become a professional blogger.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to work on all of the skills mentioned at once. It’s impossible, you’ll end quitting too soon if you try to master all of them.

But every aspiring blogger needs to know what it takes to achieve the best in this field.

Make blogging as your long term plan and work consistently on it. And never forget the first and most important skill, patience.

Thank you for reading!

Don’t forget to share your blogging lessons and skills other than what I have mentioned in the article.

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